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Participatory Development and Implementation of a Community Research Workshop: Experiences From a Community-Based Participatory Research Partnership

Books, Publications, and Reports

Bruce TA, McKane SU, eds.  Community-Based Public Health: A Partnership Model.  Washington, DC:  American Public Health Association.  2000.

Minkler M, Wallerstein N, Hall B, eds.Community-Based Participatory Research for Health. San Francisco, CA:  Jossey-Bass. November 2008.

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Syed M. Ahmed and Ann-Gel S. Palermo: Community Engagement in Research: Frameworks for Education and Peer Review AJPH published June 17, 2010, 10.2105/AJPH.2009.178137 [Abstract] [PDF]


Prevention Institute has launched Communities Taking Action: Profiles of Health Equity, an online database that highlights successful community efforts to increase health equity. The profiled communities promote racial and social justice through initiatives to prevent chronic disease, violence, and injury. The database includes 64 profiles in total, all plotted on an easy-to-browse google map.

Together, the profiles demonstrate how strong leadership, community engagement and advocacy, and changes in local policies and institutional practices can lead to healthier, more equitable community environments. The Communities Taking Action Profiles provide strategies for community efforts to build health and equity. The profiles also provide media and policymakers with on-the-ground examples that illustrate effective cross-sector community prevention efforts.

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