Student Opportunities

Office of Community Based Public Health Students

Preceptorship Project Opportunities

Arkansas Home Visiting Network (Little Rock, AR) Preceptorship (Project 1: Public Relations and Communications) – PDF (126 KB)

Arkansas Home Visiting Network Preceptorship (Project 2: Family-focused Centralized In-Take) – PDF (127 KB)

Arkansas Home Visiting Network Preceptorship (Project 3: Social Media, Technology and Home Visiting) – PDF (127 KB)

Delta Gardens Study-Childhood Obesity Prevention Research Program-Arkansas Children’s Hospital Research Institute (Little Rock, AR) Summary of Internships and Volunteers – PDF (236 KB)

Examining the Role of Free Clinics in Caring for the Uninsured and Underinsured and Documenting the Profile of Patients at the Harmony Health Clinic (Little Rock, AR) – PDF (126 KB)

Harmony Health Clinic, Increasing the Health Literacy of Free Clinic Patients with Chronic Disease (Little Rock, AR) – PDF (129 KB)

Grantwriting, Marketing/Media Relations, and Resource Development for a Free Clinic that Serves Low-income Persons without Health Insurance, Harmony Health Clinic (Little Rock, AR) – DOC (21 KB)

Addressing the Social Determinants of Health of Low-Income, Uninsured Patients at a Free Health Clinic: Establishing a System to Refer Patients to Social Services Agencies, Harmony Health Clinic (Little Rock, AR) – DOC (20 KB)

Arkansas Food Bank (Little Rock, AR) Preceptorship – PDF (128 KB)

Future Builders – Assessing Health Care and Supportive Service Infrastructure for the Care and Management of Sickle Cell Disease” (Little Rock, AR) – PDF (131 KB)

10K Black Men (Pine Bluff, AR) Preceptorship – PDF (131 KB)