Research Project

Take Control: A Community Research Project to Control High Blood Pressure

The ARPRC’s high blood pressure control demonstration project is based in Desha County in the Arkansas Delta region. People who live or work in Desha County are being invited to participate in the project. Recruitment began in fall 2015.

The study’s purpose is to test a method to help people control their blood pressure. People in the project will be divided into two groups. Both groups will receive educational and supportive materials. One group will have a chance to work with a trained community health advisor if needed to achieve blood pressure control.

The method being tested could likely save money on medical costs. It also has the potential for being conducted on a larger scale, so it could be used not only across Arkansas but elsewhere nationally.

 Participant Testimonials

“People might think them videos don’t help, but I watched them and they helped. My blood pressure was out of whack when I started, but not it’s a whole lot better.”

“The program really helped my blood pressure. It got so good the doctor took me off all my blood pressure medicine.”

“This program has been the best thing that could have happened to me…I feel like I’m in control!”

Head Advisor Testimonial

“Every time I went in to check his blood pressure, it was elevated. He told me he’d been taking the same medication for 20 years. I stressed that he needed to become an active part of his treatment team. He believed he was ‘one of those people who just had high blood pressure readings all the time.’ I talked to him about how there are many different types of medication, that the medicine he was taking was not working and he should talk to his doctor about changing the prescription. After several visits of telling him the same thing and encouraging him to talk to his doctor, he finally did. At his last visit, he was happy to inform me that he had been taking a new medication for three days and was already seeing better readings than he’d ever seen since being diagnosed with high blood pressure. I congratulated him on becoming an active part of his treatment team and encouraged him to take his blood pressure readings in to his follow up appointment.”

“I just had a young man thank me for continuing to encourage him to see the doctor about changing his meds. He never wanted his BP checked because he said it was always high but today he let me check it. It was 118/79. He changed his meds WEDNESDAY. He was so happy that I had not given up and kept trying to get him to get a visit with his doctor and talk to him about the fact that his meds were not working for him. He had a huge smile on his face when he left and just kept thanking me. I feel so awesome right now!”

Community Committee Meetings

July 10, 2017: Diabetes and Obesity

October 18, 2017 : Depression and Mental Health


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