Patrick H Casey, MD

C O P H Adjunct Professor Patrick Casey, M D

Adjunct Professor, College of Public Health


Other Academic/Research/Policy Affiliations

Professor, Department of Pediatrics, UAMS
Vice Chair Faculty Affairs, Department of Pediatrics, UAMS
Medical Director, Infant Health and Development Program, UAMS
Co-Founder and Co-Medical Director, Medical Home Clinic for Special Needs Children, Arkansas Children’s Hospital

Contact Information

Office: NA
Phone: 501-364-6591


1971 – MD (Medicine), Louisiana State University
1969 – BA (Pre-Med), University of Notre Dame

Research Interests

Food insecurity; infant growth, development and nutrition; children with medically complex conditions

Current Research Projects

  • Children’s HealthWatch
  • McArthur Foundation

Recent Publications

Black MM, Quigg AM, Cook J, Casey PH, et al. WIC participation protects children from health risks associated with dual stressors of household food insecurity and caregiver depressive symptoms. Archives of Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine. 2012;166:444-451.

Casey PH, Bradley RH, Whiteside-Mansell L, Barrett K, Gossett JM, Simpson PM. Evolution of overweight status in a low birth weight cohort. Journal of Perinatology. Online 06/09/11.

Kuo DZ, Cohen E, Agrawal K, Berry JG, and Casey PH. A national profile of cargiver challenges among medically complex children with special health care needs. Archives of Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine. 2011;165:1020-1026.

Berry JG, Agrawal R, Kuo DZ, Cohen E, Risko W, Hall M, Casey P, et al. Characteristics of hospitalized patients who utilize a structured clinical program for children with medical complexity. Journal of Pediatrics. 2011;159:284-290.

Cutts D, Meyers A, Black M, Casey P, et al. Housing Insecurity and the health of very young children. American J Public Health. 2011;101:1508-1514.

Kuo DZ, Robbins JM, Burns KH, Casey PH. Individual and practice characteristics associated with physician provision of recommended care for children with special health care needs. Clinical Pediatrics.2011;50:704-711.

Casey PH, Lyle RE, Bird TM, Robbins JM, Kuo DZ, Brown C, Lal A, Tanios A, Burns K. Effect of a hospital-based comprehensive care clinic on health costs for Medicaid insured medically complex children. Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine. 2011;165(5):392-398.

McKelvey LM, Whiteside-Mansell L, Bradley RH, Casey PH, et al. Growing up in violent neighborhood: Do family conflict and gender moderate impacts on adolescent’s psychosocial development. Journal of Abnormal Child
Psychology. 2011;39:95-107.