Lead Education

Lead Education for Contractors, Landlords, and Painters

EPA Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule (RRP)
New Changes to the Rule (Clearance Rules)
Using Test Kits
Paint Chip Sampling for Contractors
Find Other Trainers
Radio Announcement for Contractors
Questions and Answers

Lead Education for Physicians, Nurses, and Head Start Agencies

Health Effects of Lead (Links for Physician and HealthCare Professionals)(
New BLL level of concern
Reporting BLLs to the State Health Department

Lead Education for Parents and Community Members

Watch Video on Health Effects of Lead (including tips for protecting children)
Radio Announcement for Parents
Watch Trailer of Lead Safe America documentary Mislead
APPLE has had a presence in many cities (e.g., Helena, West Helena, Pine Bluff, West Memphis, Hot Springs, Little Rock, North Little Rock)

Past Lead Events Through APPLE

Photographs from Contractor Trainings/Workshop Community Events