PhD in Health Promotion and Prevention Research Program Competencies

  • Apply knowledge of major risk factors for morbidity and mortality to analyze causal influences and health disparities in specific population segments.
  • Appraise key issues associated with racial/ethnic health disparities as they pertain to the design of studies examining the efficacy, effectiveness, and dissemination of culturally appropriate interventions to address these disparities.
  • Appraise knowledge of gaps in health promotion and prevention research and formulate focused research questions to address these gaps.
  • Coordinate and/or integrate input provided by interdisciplinary teams.
  • Design and conduct methodologically sound research testing the efficacy and/or effectiveness of theory-based and evidence-based interventions to promote health and/or prevent disease.
  • Design and implement health promotion and prevention research that incorporates knowledge or pertinent cultural, social, behavioral, and biological factors at multiple levels of the ecological model.
  • Design procedures to assure the protection of human subjects and ethical conduct of research.
  • Develop and implement theory-based and evidence-based interventions designed to promote health and/or prevent disease.
  • Effectively summarize research methods and interpret findings in oral and written communication for diverse scientific and non-scientific audiences.
  • Examine the relative strength and limitations of major theories and concepts that are utilized in educational and behavioral approaches to health promotion and disease prevention.
  • Review, critique, and prepare grant applications in accordance with guidelines for peer review established by relevant government agencies and private foundations.