Online Registration Form

Prior to completing your initial student registration, you must submit a HIPAA Student Confidentiality Agreement to:

UAMS College of Public Health,
Office of Student Services,
4301 West Markham, #820,
Little Rock, Arkansas 72205.

You will not be able to to receive your grades or request a transcript until an original copy is received.

(Note: No faxes or photocopies will be accepted. If you have completed this form in a previous semester, there is no need to submit a new one.)

Non-degree seeking students are required to submit an application and fee for each semester of enrollment.  Please contact COPH Admissions before completing an online registration if you have not completed a non-degree seeking application for the semester.

  • (As it appears on your application.)
  • Preferred Class

  • Alternate Class

  • I hereby authorize UAMS to release my personal information to be inserted into the Student Directory and as outlined by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Please see the 2008-2010 COPH Student Handbook, page 24 for further explanation.
  • To help us get in touch with you, please provide us with your e-mail address. You will NOT receive a registration confirmation if this information is not provided.
  • By submitting this form, I hereby agree that once I am enrolled in any College of Public Health class, it is my responsibility to receive official notices and other pertinent information through the UAMS Exchange electronic mail system.