May 26, 2015

Graduating MPH Students Shine with Final Project Presentations

Students concluding their studies in the Master in Public Health program spring semester presented their final projects in late April. The project requires that a student integrates public health knowledge and demonstrates competency across the core public health disciplines. Here are the names of the students and their presentation titles:

Syed Abid Health numeracy literacy and its association with chronic disease prevalence in an urban Arkansas neighborhood
Jason Arthur A comparison of emergency medicine practice patterns in the socialist republic of Vietnam and the United States
Reid Adkins Friction created by the Arkansas Health Care Decisions Act
Alexandria Beebe Analyzing hospital outcomes according to insurance status in patient admitted with intracranial hemorrhage
Winnie Bennett A model proposal to promote staff nurse empowerment
Clare Brown The use of generic instruments to measure health and well-being in family care givers of children with autism spectrum disorders
Cody Burnett Cycling the roadways: identifying the major risk factors
Desiree Burroughs-Ray HIPPY for healthy homes: knowledge base of home-based educators in the HIPPY program
Aaron Carroll Socioeconomic issues surrounding admission rates for suicidal ideation
Felisha Crosby Challenges within the hospital setting of adolescents with cystic fibrosis transitioning to adult ambulatory care
Elena Davis Modeling tuberculosis elimination in Arkansas
Abhishek Desai Application of technology and social media to promote oral health
Antedra Finger Integrating Health Literacy into the Sisters United Program
Amanda Hickman Patient communication: providing the 12th Street Health and Wellness Center volunteers the tools for proper patient interaction
Bianca Johnson RESPECT: evaluation and analysis of an HIV/AIDS intervention in Arkansas
Kemmian Johnson Sickle cell disease in Arkansas: who cares?
Amy Lallier Veterans Patient Choice Act: implementation in the Central Arkansas Veterans Health Care System
Amanda Lemp Assessment of the efficacy of lymphedema patient materials: health literacy and the patient experience
Salima Merchant REJOICE: mental health outreach…depression
Taylor Quattlebaum Hepatitis C testing in Arkansas ADH local health units
Courtney Radcliff REJOICE: pilot intervention
Chase Rineheart Public health performance dashboard proposal for the Arkansas Department of Health
Marie Saylors Statistical computing with SAS and R for clinical trials
Salma Siddiqui Influence of variables within the ecological framework on self-reported mammography rates at Jefferson County
Nell Smith Annual school health reports
Madison Spriggs Evaluation of diabetes mellitus management and the role of health literacy
Andrea Sutton Data analysis of pilot study: change in risk perception among parents of ATV users
Tam Vuong Environmental-wide association study: EWES for metabolic syndrome
Jennifer Wessel An assessment of physical activity programs in assisted living facilities in Arkansas