June 16, 2015

New COPH course: Drugs and Society

A new course has been added to the curriculum of the Department of Health Behavior and Education (HBHE) and will taught for the first time this fall. The course was developed by and will be taught by Nickolas Zaller, Ph.D., Associate Professor for HBHE. The course has been approved for the MPH core, as well as the Ph.D. Health Promotion and Prevention Research and DrPH Public Health Leadership programs.

According to the course syllabus, the course will review the major classes of psychoactive drugs of abuse and misuse and will explore the complex relationships between psychoactive drug use and the social response to such drug use in the United States. Students will develop an understanding of evidence-based principles of substance use prevention, treatment and recovery as well as theories and principles related to reducing drug-related harms, both individual and societal.