February 1, 2016

Feb. 2nd 12 noon to 1 pm – Biostatistics Journal Club

The Biostatistics Journal Club will meet on Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016!

The place is: COPH 2280

The time is: 12:00 – 1:00pm.

Our speaker will be: D. Keith Williams, Ph.D..

“A Casual Introduction: Tree-Based Regression and Classification Models”

The R party package (Hothorn, Hornik, and Zeileis 2006) aims at providing a recursive part(y)itioning laboratory assembling various high- and low-level tools for building tree-based regression and classification models. At the core of the package is ctree, an implementation of conditional inference trees which embed tree-structured regression models into a well-defined theory of conditional inference procedures. This non-parametric class of regression trees is applicable to all kinds of regression problems, including nominal, ordinal, numeric, censored as well as multivariate response variables and arbitrary measurement scales of the covariates. This presentation introduces some case studies that demonstrate the usefulness of conditional inference trees and fundamentals of computing then in R.