March 16, 2017

Water Reuse Workshop

WateReuseOn Jan. 31, a panel of experts gathered in the College of Public Health to discuss the policy, research and treatment impacts of recycling water for both potable and non-potable use. Water reuse is when wastewater is purified for a beneficial use, rather than disposing of it. The purpose of the workshop was to bring awareness to the fact that unlike in Arkansas, many communities do not have access to traditional water sources, such as rivers and lakes, for everyday uses; therefore, they must consider water reuse as an option. Panel presenters were Guy Carpenter, President of WateReuse Association, Dr. Channah Rock, Professor at the University of Arizona, and Steve Jones, Director of Water Services for Garver. Carpenter defined water reuse and explained the benefits of using recycled water for everyday uses such as drinking water and agricultural irrigation. He also discussed the potential risks, or lack thereof, of using recycled water. Rock presented findings from studies she conducted at the University of Arizona showing how they evaluated water reuse over a period of time in order to determine if there is a risk associated with using recycling drinking water for everyday uses. Lastly, Jones went into detail about the science behind recycling water for all different kinds of purposes. Further, he presented a call to action for the audience to voice their concerns on the benefits of implementing and using recycled water. For more information, visit