September 27, 2021

Healthy Habits with Tung-chin Chiang

Tung-chin ChiangTung-chin Chiang, Ph.D., MPH (Assistant Professor) My Ph.D. advisor at Tulane University always tells others that Tung-chin collected degrees! After a warming southern experience at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), I became a Tar Heels fan and cheered for University of North Carolina (UNC). The best experience in at UAB and UNC was meeting many students from different counties and all ages. You are never too old to join public health; it is all about caring for yourself and learning to balance factors within your environment. That is why my research focuses on the health effects of environmental exposure, such as environmental estrogen and chemicals from Superfund sites. In 2016, we moved to Little Rock from Maryland. We love the state parks here. I always tell the park rangers that the state park here is better than the national park in the DC area! The Buffalo River is one of the best. Arkansans are lucky to be in this secret garden.