DrPH Courses

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BIOS 5212: Biostatistics II
HBHE 6021: Advanced Health Behavior Theory
COPH 6438: Fundamentals of Research
HPMT 6103: Health Systems Theory and Research
EPID 6001: Instructional Methods and Teaching Strategies (Pedagogy)
HBHE 6120: Mixed Methods
HPMT 6426: Racial/Ethnic Health Disparities
COPH 6303: Community-Based Public Health Program Design
COPH 6403: Community-Based Program Evaluation
HPMT 6203: Public Health Law and Ethics
EPID 6401: Advanced Public Health Practice
COPH 6500: Current Issues in Public Health Seminar
HPMT 6114: Advanced Health Policy and Management
HPMT 5114: Management of Health Care Organizations
HPMT 5124: Strategic Planning
HBHE 6436: Communication for Public Health Leaders
COPH 6989: Doctoral Practicum
COPH 6999: Doctoral Dissertation