MHA Mentorship Program

The purpose of the UAMS MHA Mentorship Program is to provide professional, informational, and beneficial relationships between UAMS MHA students and local healthcare executives. This program is also an opportunity for AHEF members to earn ACHE community service hours while forming valuable connections with graduate students.

When you sign up to be a Mentor, an MHA faculty representative will pair you with a graduate student who is interested in learning more about your current position and specific experiences in the healthcare industry. The MHA faculty representative will then begin the initial conversation via email between the Mentor and Mentee.

The responsibilities of a Mentor include:

  • Meeting with their paired mentee when possible
  • Being accessible to the mentee (phone, email, etc.)
  • Being supportive and encouraging towards the mentee in regards to their advancement in ACHE and in their professional growth
  • Serving as a resource person for updating and refining the mentee’s managerial and leadership, knowledge, and skills
  • Offering input and guidance for career opportunities

The responsibilities of a Mentee include:

  • Initiating meets with their paired Mentor (face-to-face or via phone)
  • Being accessible and flexible in scheduling face-to-face meetings with their paired Mentor
  • Being professional and prompt
  • Being open to advice

If you are interested in participating in the MHA Mentorship Program or would like additional information, please contact Dr. Saleema Karim (

MHA Mentorship Program Committee Members

Saleema Karim, PhD., Assistant Professor, Department of Health Policy and Management

Benjamin Jackson, MHA, Financial Manager, Institutional Services, UAMS

Chris Meyer, MHA, Business Operations Director, Arkansas Children’s Hospital

Jacob Robinson, MHA, Chief Administrative Officer, Arkansas Heart Hospital

Melissa Yandell, MHA, Associate DIO – Administration, Baptist Health