The Office of Community-Based Public Health was established to provide a resource for the College in its efforts to promote community-based public health among its faculty, staff and students.


  • Provide community-based public health and participatory research related resources and assist with the integration of community-based public health and community-based participatory research into teaching, service, and research programs.
  • Develop grant applications and conduct funded projects involving community-based participatory research.
  • Initiate and sustain partnerships with a limited number of community-based organizations to serve as model sites for community-based public health and participatory research project.

Read the OCBPH 2014-2015 Annual Report

National Task Force Creed

We ascribe to the 1996 statement of the National Policy Task Force, Community-Based Public Health:

Community lies at the heart of public health… interventions work best when they are rooted in values, knowledge, expertise, and interests of the community itself… health encompasses the physical, mental, spiritual, environmental, and economic well-being of a community and its members.

We recognize the power of equal partnerships, including community-based organizations, academic institutions, and health agencies addressing health issues of the community

We understand that in order for these partnerships to be equal and for interventions to be community-based, community members must participate fully in the identification of health issues and the selection, design, implementation, and evaluation of programs that address them.