Delta Citizens Alliance (DCA)

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Delta Citizens Alliance (DCA) is a revolutionary movement that exists to benefit all Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana residents who call the Mississippi River Delta home. The Delta is made up of many communities. DCA seeks to have these many communities speak with one voice.
The aim of the alliance was to create an organization that would enable citizens and communities to have a voice in the decisions which impact them and the region at large. Another important aim of DCA was to provide a mechanism whereby citizen-driven initiatives will impact upon the overall advancement of the Mid South Delta region.

DCA has 3 strategic programs that target the needs of Delta citizens.
Building an accountable and responsive regional organization
21st century institute for community engagement and empowerment
Organizing the citizens alliance for change
DCA has achieved its aim of becoming a network of citizen-centered organizations united to build sustainable communities in the region. DCA has presently evolved to a membership base of over 200 individual members and currently has over 45 different non-profit organization members. Organizations involved in DCA focus their efforts on economic development, population retention, asset accumulation and provision of committed support and resources to impact system change. The aim now is to advance to the next level with an emphasis on a more focused program strategy that will stimulate change and transformation at both community and regional


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Delta Citizens Alliance
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