Student group looking at data

Visit PHACS for County Health Data

The purpose of PHACS is to provide communities one source to find Arkansas health data. PHACS is designed for community groups, college and high school students, researchers, and lay community. PHACS is updated twice a year. There are over 100 health indicators available in the following categories:

Demographics: includes data such as population by race and age
Social/Economic Factors: includes data such as income, unemployment, and education
Access to Health Care:includes factors such as number of doctors, dentists, and hospitals within each county
Risk Behavior:includes risk factor information such as number of smokers, binge drinking, and teen drug use
Preventive Behavior:includes information about preventive care such women receiving pap tests and mammograms
Health Outcomes: includes information about individuals with diabetes, heart disease,and mortality rates

PHACS is supported by the following:
The Arkansas Center for Health Disparities
The Arkansas Prevention Research Center