Core Units

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Community Engagement and Partnerships Unit

This unit works with organizations and agencies to develop projects and initiatives that benefit public health research, practice, and the community’s health.

The Community Committee, established by the unit, advises the ARPRC core units and research team. The committee has a diverse membership from the community, community-based organizations, health care providers, the public health workers, and local government.

Co-directors: Appathurai Balamurugan, M.D., MPH; Christy Lindsey

Training and Technical Assistance Unit

This unit provides training and technical assistance expertise to help public health practitioners, researchers, and community organizations find ways to improve the community’s health.

Director: Kevin Ryan, J.D., MA

Communications Unit

This unit provides information to researchers, public health practitioners, and the community about the Take Control demonstration project and other activities of the ARPRC.

Co-directors: Ashley McNatt, MA ; Marisha DiCarlo, Ph.D., MPH

Evaluation Unit

This unit measures how well the ARPRC is performing, where its strengths and weaknesses are, and how it can improve the health of Arkansans. It also provides training and technical assistance regarding evaluation activities to agencies, organizations, and communities.

Director: Martha Phillips, Ph.D., MPH, MBA