About Us

The Department of Environmental and Occupational Health (EOH) promotes healthy living and working environments through research, teaching and service. We prepare students for an exciting and rewarding career with our comprehensive and rigorous program. Students are trained to anticipate, recognize, evaluate and control environmental and occupational factors that can influence the health of individuals and populations. In addition, the newly initiated Regulatory Science Certificate fills an urgent need in educating students in understanding the impact and implementation of regulatory decisions and the science that supports those decisions.

The EOH faculty has varied yet complementary skills and research interests, with particular strengths in toxicology, community outreach and communication, air quality, Healthy Homes, metabolomics, epigenetics, molecular epidemiology and genomics. The department is enhanced by a number of secondary faculty members and lecturers who offer variety and field experience in environmental and occupational health topics. The EOH faculty works in concert with university, clinician, private sector and governmental agency partners, such as the FDA and the Arkansas Department of Health, to meet the challenges of environmental and occupational health and regulatory science, and to provide hands-on, real-world training to our students.

The EOH department offices are located on the 1st floor of the College of Public Health building on the UAMS campus. Call today to schedule an appointment and learn how the UAMS Department of Environmental and Occupational Health can help you reach your educational and research goals.

For more information, please contact Tonya Fisher at

 (501) 526-6663