Degree Programs

Master of Public Health, Concentration in Epidemiology

Effective Fall 2013, the MPH degree with Epidemiology concentration is a 48-credit hour program. Students are required to take a minimum of 48 credit hours of required courses in order to graduate. All students must take these courses. The 48 credit hours can be completed in two years (5 semesters if the student enters the program in the Fall, and in 6 semesters if the student starts in Spring). However to meet either of these two schedules and graduate in two years, students must strictly follow the fixed prescribed order courses are to be taken. To find out more, click on the link above.

Ph.D. in Epidemiology

Admission into the program is once a year, in the Fall semester. Applications are accepted as from the Fall 2013 semester.

The Ph.D. in Epidemiology is for applicants interested in conducting advanced research in epidemiology or teaching epidemiology at higher institutions of learning. This is a 3-5 year program. The first two years known as residency is dedicated to completing the required coursework of 90-92 semester credit hours and practice in research, on campus. An additional 1-3 years is usually expected for completing the dissertation research. The actual coursework for the Ph.D. program consists of 50 credit hours of instruction. The remaining 40-42 credit hours constitute prerequisites that will be credited towards meeting the Epidemiology MPH requirements. To find out more, click on the link above.