About Us

Key Areas of Expertise

The department is comprised of 15 full-time faculty and more than 40 secondary and part-time faculty who have methodological and substantive expertise in many of the areas that drive health system performance, including:

  • Organization and financing of medical care and public health services
  • Access to care and safety-net health care systems
  • Quality measurement, quality improvement, and health outcomes assessment
  • Health disparities and cultural competence in health care
  • Health insurance coverage, including Medicaid, Medicare, and private insurance markets
  • Public health policy, regulation, and law
  • Economic evaluation of medical and public health interventions
  • Long-term care delivery and financing
  • Rural health care delivery and financing
  • Maternal, child and women’s health
  • Nutrition policy and programming
  • Tobacco policy and programming
  • Substance abuse and mental health policy and programming