10-Day K-12 Curriculum

Welcome to a Curriculum on Healthy Homes, Chemical Use Reduction and Integrated Pest Management in the Home. The first file is the 10-day agenda and outline of activities. Please adjust or enhance the curriculum for your students’ abilities. This curriculum is associated with 6 PowerPoint presentations to be delivered to your students. Although it was designed for the current Arkansas Curriculum Standards, it is adaptable to any Standard, especially at the Middle-School Level. The curriculum uses a set of “Liberating Structures” for student interaction. You will see these for some student activities to facilitate better communication with other students and with you, the teacher. If you wish to research more on Liberating Structures, please visit: www.liberatingstructures.com or one of our previous pages on examples of how to use them in the classroom. You are encouraged to supplement this curriculum with additional learning materials for students and even increase or decrease the difficulty level and add challenges and projects. Below is a link to a 4 hour training for teachers to help you deliver this course to students.  In addition, there is a link below to obtain the curriculum and PowerPoints in Spanish. Please send an email to aferguson@uams.edu if you have suggestions for improvement(s).    

PMCR Curriculum Outline

Video and Links

Four-hour Online Free Training for Teachers to Better Train You to Implement Curriculum

PowerPoint presentations to accompany 10-day curriculum

Prezi formats to PowerPoint Presentations

Spanish version to Curriculum and PowerPoint Slides

The following Students and Teachers worked with Dr. Alesia Ferguson of UAMS to create and improve this curriculum:

Graduate Students

Ashley Richison (UAMS)
Kripa Patel (UAMS)
Amanda Lemp (UAMS)
Mathew Wilkins (UAPB)


Jennifer Davis (Pine Bluff High school)
Stephen Bronskill (Pine Bluff High school)
Melisa Jennings (Clarksville High School)
Melinda Bisset (Ridge Road Middle School)

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We would also like to thank all federal and scientific sources for additional content material.
Thanks to the STEM Centers at UAPB and UALR.