Dr. Alesia Ferguson is the project director of LS of TIPS on PMCR and facilitates discussion and organization between partners on all aspects. She is an Environmental Engineer with a focus on human exposure assessment and has had 7 years of outreach and community experience working with various under-served communities and groups. She has also been a mentor and committee member for multiple high-school and undergraduate students and graduate student projects.
Dr. Robert Ulmer is renowned in the field of communication and speech and in the use of various communication models between partners and community members. He has published over 6 books, 20 book chapters and 20 articles, along with numerous case studies on communications, ethics and risk and crisis communication applied to various settings and problems. He has extensive experience training and teaching others on best methods and practices of communications for successful outcomes.
Keith Harris is the K-12 Science Instructional Specialist through the Department of Teacher Education and works through the STEM Center at the University of Arkansas Little Rock to improve science, technology, engineering and math education in schools throughout the Pulaski County School Districts. He has published on curriculum development and been involved in multiple projects at UALR, such as the Arkansas STRIVE project.
Dr. Shelton Fitzpatrick is the Interim Director of the Office of Research and Sponsored programs at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff (UAPB) and a member of the Teacher Education Committee. He has been involved in multiple STEM and learning programs/projects such as “No Child Left Behind,” “Algebra Project,” and “Elementary Science Instructional Specialist”. He is the director for the Minority Center for Excellence in mathematics and science, established in 1998 at UAPB.
Dr. Ilias Kavouras has an extensive experience in air quality and chemistry, publishing over 50 articles in the field of air pollution. He provides effective messages on indoor air pollution and pulls together practical solutions for achieving a clean indoor environment.
Dr. Jay Gandy is a toxicologist with a special emphasis in human exposure to pesticides and acts as a consultant in the preparation and refinement of learning materials on pesticide exposure and pest management practices in the home. As a toxicologist, he also offers advice and guidance on key health issues concerning pesticides and other chemicals used around the home and for personal use.
Janelta Woolfolk is graduate student at UAMS ~ College of Public Health, receiving her Master’s in Public Health/Environmental and Occupational Health. She received her Bachelor’s degree at UAPB in Regulatory Science/Industrial Health and Safety. As a student, she offers assistance with developing brochures, PowerPoint slides, training and developing the website.
Dr. Rebecca Norton Helm holds an Ed.D. in higher education with competencies in both administration and teaching (UALR). She serves as an editor for publications and a Registrar for events. She creates and manages databases and spreadsheets, organizes training materials and assists with research, event planning and management, grant management, purchasing and accounts payable.
Tonya offers grant support to project and deals with invoicing and purchasing. Tonya has worked in Department for over 9 years and works closely with faculty in developing and growing department and achieving departmental goals and objectives.
Nikiya Simpson is a web and database programmer that works with the UAMS College of Public Health website as well as various public health research and administrative programs.
Ashley Richison is a graduate student at UAMS College of Public Health. She is working towards receiving her Master's in Public Health with an emphasis in Environmental and Occupational Health. She has received her Master's of Art in Teaching from UCA. As a student, she provides assistance with the development of activities, training, and website development.