Public Health Careers

Check out some of the following resources on discovering careers in Public Health.

American Hospital Association Career Center – Health Career Center aims to connect health care employers and top talent in all disciplines through its online job board network. “What in the World is Public Health?”

Public Health Degrees and Careers: How to Work in Public Health – The public health field is broad, and several different public health careers exist, such as epidemiologist, public relations specialist and health educator, among others. This page will take an in-depth look at the different public health degrees available and the potential careers available upon graduation.

Public Health.Org Careers – assessed the major areas of public health employment to identify prominent occupations and relevant specializations, and provide employment and salary data.

What Can I Do with a Public Health Degree?  – Public health graduates have numerous career options depending on their educational attainment, experience, and specialty. They take jobs with the government, state and community public health agencies, consulting firms, research organizations, universities, hospitals, and nonprofits. They may work for international or overseas health organizations, counseling centers, nutritional education organizations, or large industrial firms. There are also opportunities to coordinate services with law enforcement officers or first-responders to facilitate emergency or disaster planning and policies. Check out some of today’s most popular and most lucrative careers in public health.