HIPPY for Healthy Homes

H I P P Y receives award through the U A M S Translational Research Institute for their community service work with D r. Ferguson, on E P A supported grant work

HIPPY receives award through the UAMS Translational Research Institute for their community service work with Dr. Ferguson, on EPA supported grant work.

The HIPPY for Healthy Homes a collaborative effort between the UAMS College of Public Health and the children community and outreach organization Home School Instruction for Parents of Pre-School Youngsters (HIPPY) to build capacity in the State for education and health protection from hazards in the home. The project will involve curriculum development for parents of these children and training of HIPPY coordinators and home-based outreach educators in 6 regions of the State on specific indoor air hazards, and training on deliver of this curriculum. Radon, mold and carbon monoxide have been identified as key indoor contaminants, not currently addressed in any HIPPY program curriculum, having the potential to contribute to respiratory illnesses, and of particular interest to this State. However, the curriculum will also remind parents of important factors that contribute to asthma and other respiratory illnesses and simple methods to address these hazards in the home (e.g., reducing smoking in the home, pest management practices, proper cleaning techniques, and ventilation recommendation). This will provide the parent with a comprehensive understanding of indoor air quality and resulting health effects.  The efforts for this proposal address Region 6’s Priority Project Areas of “promoting integrated approaches to reducing exposures and risks to indoor contaminants in the homes” and “training of community health workers” to assist parents and families in managing indoor asthma triggers and other contaminants  affecting respiratory illnesses.

HIPPY for Healthy Homes Resource Booklet


Main Project Contact:

Alesia Ferguson, APPLE Program Director
Department of Environmental and Occupational Health (EOH), College of Public Health (COPH)
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS)
Email: aferguson@uams.edu
Phone: 501.562.6662