Fall 2020 Course Schedule

All Fall 2020 Courses will be online.

Course # Course Name# of Sect.Meeting Date/Day/TimeTimeInstruct. ConsentInstructor (Primary, Secondary)
BIOS 5013Biostatistics IINoKeith Williams
BIOS 5213 Biostatistics Lab, Computing w/SAS IN/ANoJames Selig
BIOS 6213Biostatistics Lab, Computing w/SAS IN/ANoJames Selig
BIOS 5223Biostatistics III, Multivariate Analysis & Linear ModelsN/ANoSong Ounpraseuth
BIOS 6223Biostatistics III, Multivariate Analysis & Linear ModelsN/ANoSong Ounpraseuth
ENVH 5002Chronic Disease Biology 001NoPing-Ching Hsu
ENVH 5003Current Issues Biology001NoPing-Ching Hsu
ENVH 5011Infectious Disease001NoPing-Ching Hsu
ENVH 5102Environmental & Occupational Health001NoTung-Chin Chiang
ENVH 5102Environmental & Occupational Health002NoStefanie Kennon-McGill
ENVH 5222Environmental Exposure Assessment001NoGunnar Boysen/En Huang
ENVH 5221Regulations in Environmental Health001NoJay Gandy
COPH 5000COPH Writing Workshop001NoChris Fettes
EPID 5112EPI I001NoVictor Cardenas
EPID 5322EPI II001NoMohammed Orloff
EPID 5334EPI III001NoMohammed Elfaramawi
EPID 5346Social Determinants of Health001Ben Amick
EPID 6336Observational Study Designs001NoMohammed Elfaramawi/Robert Delongchamp
EPID 5000Special Topics 001NoVarious Instructors
EPID 5335Molecular EPI001NoMohammed Orloff
EPID 6322EPI II001NoMohammed Orloff
EPID 6335Molecular EPI001NoMohammed Orloff
EPID 6346Social Determinants of Health001Ben Amick
COPH 6437Grantsmanship & Peer Review001Tues9:00am - 12:00pmNoL. J. Su
T. Elaine Prewitt
EPID 6001Instructional Methods001NoWendy Nembhard
COPH 6100 (pass/fail)Directed Study (doctoral)001YesVarious Instructors
COPH 6100 (pass/fail)Directed Research Studies008YesVarious Instructors
COPH 6400 (graded)Directed Study (doctoral)001YesVarious Instructors
COPH 6989Doctoral Practicum001YesVarious Instructors
COPH 6999Doctoral Dissertation001YesVarious Instructors
COPH 6999Doctoral Dissertation Research008YesVarious Instructors
HPMT 5003Intro to Public HealthNoPing-ching Hsu
HPMT 5103The Healthcare SystemNoRuth Eudy
HPMT 5114Management of Healthcare OrganizationTue5:30pm-8:30pmNoDennis Smith
HPMT 5134Intro to Health System Financial ManagementWed5:30pm-8:30pmNoSaleema Karim
HPMT 5203Public Health Law & EthicsTue5:30pm-8:30pmNoKevin Ryan
HPMT 5212Healthcare Information SystemsWed5:30pm-8:30pmNoFeliciano Yu
HPMT 5223Seminar In Human Resource ManagementTue5:30pm-8:30pmNoDanielle Lombard-Sims
HPMT 5334Data Visualization for Healthcare AnalyticsMon5:30pm-8:30pmNoClare Brown
HPMT 5344Quality Management and Performance ImprovementThur5:30pm-8:30pmNoJure Baloh
HPMT 5583Advanced Applications in Healthcare ManagementMon5:30pm-8:30pmNoRick Ault
HPMT 6011Math & Stat PrimerWed1:00pm-2:00pmNoClare Brown
HPMT 6103Health Systems Theory & ResearchTue12:00-3:00pmNoHolly Felix
HPMT 6203Public Health Law & EthicsTue5:30pm-8:30pmNoKevin Ryan
HPMT 6313Advanced Methods in HS ResearchMon1:00pm-4:00pmNoAnthony Goudie
HPMT 6321Advanced Econ I: DemandWed1:00pm-4:00pmNoJ. Mick Tilford
HPMT 6319Implementation Research in Clinical Practice SettingFri1:00-4:00pmNoGeoffrey Curran
HPMT TBDData Management using SQLTBDTBDNoTBD
HBHE 5104Intro to HBHE001YesBrooke Montgomery
HBHE 5104Intro to HBHE002YesBrooke Montgomery
HBHE 5105Intro to Research Methods in PH001WednesdayAug 19, Sep 2, 16, 30; Oct 14, 28; Nov 11 and Nov 25; Dec 9: 500pm-8:00pmNoTom Chung
COPH 5148Health Numeracy001YesCraig Molgaard & Amanda Golbeck
COPH 6303Community Based Program Design001Wednesday2:00 PM - 5:00 PMNoCarol Cornell & Kate Stewart
HBHE 6021Advanced Health Behavioral Theory001Wednesday2:00 PM - 5:00 PMNoAlexandra Marshall
HBHE 6436Communication for Public Health Leaders001Fri., Sat., & Sun.:(Aug 21-23) & Fri., Sat., & Sun.: (Sep 11-13)Friday, 5:00-9:00 PM, Saturday, 8:00 AM-5:00 PM, Sunday, 8:00 AM-5:00 PMNoAshley McNatt
COPH 5140History and Theory of Public Health001YesCraig Molgaard
COPH 6600Mentored Research001YesCarol Cornell
COPH 6600Mentored Research002YesCarol Cornell
COPH 5989Applied Practice ExperienceYesVarious Instructors
COPH 5991Integrated Learning Experience SEMINAR001Kevin Ryan
COPH 5992Integrated Learning ExperienceYesVarious Instructors