Spring 2019 Course Schedule

Course # Course NameMeeting Date/Day/TimeInstructor Consent RequiredInstructor (s)Classroom Location
BIOS 5013Biostatistics ITu 4:00pm-7:00pmNoP. Moore RAHN 3202
REGS 5107 Design & Management of Clinical TrialsOnlineNoP. Moore & A. Jenkins N/A
BIOS 5200Biostatistics Lab, Computing with R IITu Noon-12:50pmNoD. WilliamsRAHN G232
BIOS 5212Biostatistics II Advanced Linear ModelsTh 1:00pm-3:50pmNoD. WilliamsEDII G141 A/B
BIOS 5324 Analyzing Health SurveysW 1:00pm - 3:50pmNoJ. SeligRAHN 1230/1250
BIOS 5317Biostatistics Computing with SAS IITu & Th 10:30am-11:50amNoS. OunprasethRAHN 1230/1250
BIOS 6212Biostatistics II Advanced Linear ModelsTh 1:00pm-3:50pmNoD. WilliamsEDII G141 A/B
ENVH 5102Environmental & Occupational HealthOnlineNoS. YoungN/A
ENVH 5202Occupational and Environmental Hazard ControlOnlineNoJ. GandyN/A
ENVH 5302Principles of Toxicology in Public HealthOnlineNoG. BoysenN/A
EPID 5000Special Topics in EpidemiologyPer InstructorYesN/A
EPID 5112Epidemiology ITh 2:00pm-5:00pmNoB. FuhrmanEDII 8/121
EPID 5224Clinical EpidemiologyF 3:00pm-6:00pmNoL. FischbachRAHN 1202
EPID 5322Epidemiology IIM 9:00am-NoonNoM. OrloffRAHN 3204
EPID 5325Epidemiological Chronic Disease W 9:00am-NoonNoM. ElfaramawiRAHN 1230/1250
EPID 5332Cancer Epidemiology Tu 9:00am-NoonNoJ. SuRAHN G228
EPID 6224Clinical EpidemiologyF 3:00pm-6:00pmNoL. FischbachRAHN 1202
EPID 6402Advanced Integrated ConceptsM 3:00pm-6:00pmNoL. FischbachRAHN 1202
EPID 6700Directed Research StudiesPer InstructorYesN/AN/A
EPID 6999Doctoral DissertationPer InstructorYesN/AN/A
HPMT 5335Data Mining in HealthcareTH 5:30-8:30pmNoT. BirdRAHN 1230/1250
HPMT 5214Decision Analytics in HealthcareM 5:30-8:30pmNoM. RezaeiahariRAHN 1230/1250
HPMT 5003Intro Public HealthTu 1:00pm-4:00pmNoR. EudyRAHN 2280
HPMT 5103Healthcare SystemInitial Meeting: Thursday., Jan. 10 th (5:30pm-7:00pm), OnlineNoR. EudyRAHN 3202
HPMT 5104Intro. to Health EconomicsTu 5:30pm-8:30pmNoJ. Tilford RAHN 2280
HPMT 5124Health Systems Strategic PlanW 5:30pm-8:30pmNoR. Ault IDW 105
HPMT 5132Intro. to Health Policy & PoliticsW 5:30pm-8:30pmNoC. WilsonRAHN G232
HPMT 5201Health LawTh 5:30pm-8:30pmNoK. Ryan TBD
HPMT 5202Food & Nutrition Policy Th 5:30pm-8:30pmNoT. PrewittRAHN 2228
HPMT 5286MHA Management ProjectN/ANoR. Ault N/A
HPMT 5333Advanced Healthcare Finance Management Th 5:30pm-8:30pmNoM. MorrisTBD
HPMT 5340Management CapstoneM 5:30pm-8:30pmNoH. ChenTBD
HPMT 5344Healthcare Operations II for Management M 5:30pm-8:30pmNoS. KarimIDW
HPMT 5426Racial Ethnic Health Disparities Monday 5:30pm-8:30pm: Meeting on the following dates - 1/21, 1/28, 2/11, 3/4, 4/8, 5/6, Saturdays: 8am - 5pm: Meeting on the following dates - 2/23, 3/30, 4/27NoM. StewartRAHN 3202
HPMT 6114Advanced Public Health Policy and ManagementTu 12:00pm-3:00pmNoH. FelixEDII
HPMT 6213Variations in Health System Performance M 2:00pm-5:00pmNoH. ChenRAHN 2228
HPMT 6319Implementation Research in Clinical Practice SettingF 1:00pm-4:00pmNoG. CurranRAHN 1202
HPMT 6323Advanced Econometric Methods & Special TopicsTh 1:00pm-4:00pmNoT. BirdRAHN 2228
HPMT 6426Racial Ethnic Health Disparities Monday 5:30pm-8:30pm: Meeting on the following dates - 1/21, 1/28, 2/11, 3/4, 4/8, 5/6, Saturdays: 8am - 5pm: Meeting on the following dates - 2/23, 3/30, 4/27NoM. StewartRAHN 3202
HPMT 6800Directed Research StudiesPer InstructorYesN/AN/A
HPMT 6900Doctoral Dissertation Research Per InstructorYesN/AN/A
HBHE 5104Intro. to Health Behavior & Health EducationTu & Th 1:00pm-2:30pmNoK. YearyRAHN 3202
HBHE 5214Advanced Concepts of Human SexualityW 2:00pm-5:00pm

60% - P 40% - Online
NoA. MarshallRAHN G226
HBHE 5225Theories of Health Behavior & Health EducationTu 4:00pm-7:00pmNoT. HaynesRAHN 2280
HBHE 5240Tobacco Prevention & ControlM 5:30pm-8:30pmNoP. FagenRAHN G226
HBHE 5241Community Organizing for HealthM 1:00pm-4:00pmNoP. FagenRAHN G226
HBHE 6212Applied Behavior Research MethodsTBDNoN. ZallerTBD
HBHE 6800Doctoral DissertationPer InstructorYesN/AN/A
COPH 5140History & Theory of Public HealthN/ANoC. MolgaardN/A
COPH 5421Rural & Global Health Program Evaluation & Impact AssessmentN/ANoN. ZallerN/A
COPH 5991Integrated Learning Experience (ILE) SeminarTBDYes K. Ryan N/A
COPH 5989Applied Practice Experience (APE)Per InstructorYesN/AN/A
COPH 5992Integrative Learning Experience Project (ILE)Per InstructorYesN/AN/A
COPH 6500Current Issues in Public HealthM 5:30-6:30pmNoK. RyanCOPH Dean's Suite
COPH 6989Doctoral PracticumPer InstructorYesN/AN/A
COPH 6999Doctoral DissertationPer InstructorYesN/AN/A