Spring 2021 Course Schedule

Spring 2021 Schedule

Course#Course Name # of SectionMeeting Date/Day/TimeTimeInstructor ConsentInstrucor (Primary and Secondary)
BIOS 5013Biostatistics I2OnlineOnlineNoKeith WIlliams
BIOS 5324Analyzing Health Surveys1W1:00-3:50pmNoJames Selig
BIOS 5212Biostatistics II, Advanced Linear Models1TH1:00-3:50pmNoNick Kaukis
BIOS 5214Categorical Data Analysis1OnlineOnlineNoMilan Bimali
OEHM 5107Design & Management of Clinical Trials1OnlineOnlineNoTBD
ENVH 5102Env & Occ Hlth100n/an/aNoSean Young
ENVH 5102Env & Occ Hlth200n/an/aNoPing-ching Hsu
ENVH 5202Environmental Hazards Control001n/an/aNoGunnar Boysen
ENVH 5302Prin Tox Pbl Hlth 100n/an/aNoStefanie Kennon-McGill
ENVH 5011Chronic Disease Biology 100n/an/aNoPing-ching Hsu
ENVH 5003Current Issues Biology 100n/an/aNoPing-ching Hsu
ENVH 5011Infectious Disease 100n/an/aNoPing-ching Hsu
COPH 5000Public Health Writing Workshop100n/an/aNoChristopher Fettes
COPH 5003Introduction to Public Health100n/an/aNoMitchell McGill
EPID 5000Special Topics in EPI001TBDTBDNoVictor. Cardenas
EPID 5000Special Topics in EPI002TBDTBDNoRobert Delongchamp
EPID 5000Special Topics in EPI003TBDTBDNoMohammed Elfaramawi
EPID 5000Special Topics in EPI004TBDTBDNoWendy. Nembhard
EPID 5000Special Topics in EPI005TBDTBDNoMohammed Orloff
EPID 5000Special Topics in EPI006TBDTBDNoL. J. Su
EPID 5112Epidemiology I001Wed3:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.NoVictor Cardenas
EPID 5325Epidemiology Chronic Disease001Wed9:00 a.m. - 12:00 noonNoMohammed Elfaramawi
EPID 5322Epidemiology II001Mon9:00 a.m. - 12:00 noonNoMohammed Orloff
EPID 5332Cancer EPI001Tues9:00 a.m. - 12:00 noonNoL. J. Su
HBHE 5104Health Behavior & Health Education1NANAYesBrooke Montgomery
HBHE 5104Health Behavior & Health Education2NANAYesBrooke Montgomery
HBHE 5240Tobacco Prevention and Control1Mon1:00 pm - 4:00 pm (Online)NoPebbles Fagan
HBHE 5225Theories of HBHE1NoTiffany Haynes
HBHE 5373Effective Crisis Communication1April 9-11 and April 23-255:00 PM-9:00 PM; Sat: 8:00AM-4:30pm; Sun: 8:00am-4:30pmNoAshley McNatt
HBHE 6373Effective Crisis Communication1April 9-11 and April 23-25 5:00 PM-9:00 PM; Sat: 8:00AM-4:30pm; Sun: 8:00am-4:30pmNoAshley McNatt
COPH 5140History & Theory of PH1NANAYESCraig Molgaard
COPH 5146Rural & Global Health Practice1NANAYESCraig Molgaard
COPH 5200Directed Study: Intro to Maternal and Child Health1OnlineNANAKeneshia Bryant, Wendy Nembhard
COPH 5421 Rural & Global Health Prog Eval & Impact Assmt1NANANoMargarete Kulik
COPH 6600Mentored Research1TBDTBDNoNA
HPMT 5335Data Mining & Healthcare1Thursday5:30pm-8:30pmNoTBD
HPMT 5214Decision Analytics in Healthcare1Tuesday5:30pm-8:30pmNoMandana Rezaeiahari
HPMT 5103Healthcare System1Thursday5:30pm -8:30pmNoRuth Eudy
HPMT 5104Intro to Health Economics1Tuesday5:30pm-8:30pmNoJ. Mick Tilford
HPMT 5124Health System Srategic Plan1Monday5:30pm-8:30pmNoRuth Eudy
HPMT 5132Intro to Health Policy & Politics1Wednesday5:30pm-8:30pmNoCraig Wilson
HPMT 5201Health Law1Thursday5:30pm-8:30pmNoKevin Ryan
HPMT 5202Food & Nutrition Policy1Thursday5:30pm-8:30pmNoElaine Prewitt
HPMT 5286MHA Management Project1N/AN/ANo Rick Ault
HPMT 5333Advanced Healthcare Finance Management1Wednesday5:30pm-8:30pmNo Saleema Karim
HPMT 5340Management Capstone1Monday5:30pm-8:30pmNo Rick Ault
HPMT 5426Racial Ethnic Health Disparities1Thursday5:00pm - 8:00pmNo M. Kate Srewart
HPMT 6114Advanced Public Health Policy & Management1Tuesday12:00pm-3:00pmNo Holly Felix
HPMT 6213Variations in Health System Performance1Monday9:00pm-12:00pmNoSteve Bowman
HPMT 6329Advanced Topics in Implementation Science1Friday1:00pm-4:00pmNoGeoffrey Curran
HPMT 6323Advanced Econometric Method & Science Topics1Thursday9:00pm-12:00pmNoAnthony Goudie
HPMT 6426Racial Ethnic Health Disparities1Thursday5:00pm - 8:00pmNoM. Kate Srewart
COPH 5989Applied Practice ExperienceTBDTBDNOVarious Instructors
COPH 5991Integrated Learning Experience Seminar001TBDTBDYESKevin Ryan and Kristy Caldwell
COPH 5992Integrated Learning ExperienceTBDTBDNOVarious Instructors
COPH 6100 (pass/fail)Directed Study - DoctoralTBDTBDYesVarious Instructors
COPH 6400 (graded)Directed Study - DoctoralTBDTBDYesVarious Instructors
COPH 6989Doctoral PracticumTBDTBDVarious Instructors
COPH 6999Doctoral DissertationYesVarious Instructors