Summer 2020 Course Schedule

Course # Course NameModeSectionMeeting DateInstructor ConsentInstructor (Primary, Secondary)Classroom Location
BIOS 5013Biostatistics I100 % Online111N/ANoMilan BimaliNA
ENVH 5102Environmental & Occupational HealthWx001N/ANoGunnar BoysenNA
ENVH 5404Environmental Biological HazardsWx001N/ANoEn Huang
EPID 5000 Special Topics in EPIFace-to-FaceTBDNoVarious Instructors
EPID 5573Data Management & Programming for EPIFace-to-Face001Tue/ThuNoAustin PorterRahn Building, 1230/1250
EPID 5112EPI IWX001N/ANoVictor Cardenas
EPID 6102EPI Seminar SeriesFace-to-FaceTuesday 2:00 PMNoVarious Instructors
HPMT 5003Intro to Public HealthO101N/ANoMicheal Knox
HPMT 5103 The Healthcare SystemO101N/ANoClare Brown
HPMT 5103 EMBA-Walton College Students Only: Health Care SystemsO102N/ANoSteve Bowman
HPMT 5201EMBA-Walton College Students Only: Health LawO102N/ANoKevin Ryan
HPMT 5285Health Admin ResidencyO001N/ANoRick Ault
HPMT 5286Management ProjectO001N/ANoRick Ault
HBHE 5104Health Behavior and Health EducationD3 - Distance001YesBrooke Montgomery & Emily Whittington
HBHE 5104Health Behavior and Health EducationD3 - Distance002YesBrooke Montgomery & Emily Whittington
HBHE 5240Tobacco Prevention and Control
001Thursday, 3:00 PM - 6:00 PMNoPebbles Fagan
Margate Kulik
HBHE 5733Stress and HealthOnline001Tuesday, 2:00 PM – 5:00 PMNoTiffany Haynes
HBHE 6733Stress and HealthOnline001Tuesday, 2:00 PM – 5:00 PMNoTiffany Haynes
HBHE 6120Introduction to Mixed Methods Research DesignOnline001Wednesday, 2:00 PM – 5:00 PMNoKeneshia Bryant
COPH 5989Applied Practice ExperienceFace to FaceN/ANoD. Keith Williams
COPH 6100Directed Research StudiesPNAYesVarious Instructors
COPH 6400Directed Study (doctoral) (graded)Face-to-FaceTBDYesVarious Instructors
COPH 6989Doctoral PracticumFace-to-FaceN/AYesVarious Instructors
COPH 6999Doctoral DissertationFace-to-FaceTBDYesVarious Instructors
COPH 6999Doctoral Dissertation ResearchPN/AYesVarious Instructors