Summer 2021 Course Schedule

Course #Course NameSection #Meeting Date and DayTimeInstructor Consent Instructor (Primary and Secondary)
BIOS 5013Biostatistics IOnlineOnlineNoMilan Bimali
ENVH 5102Environmental & Occupational Health001OnlineOnlineNoGunnar Boysen
ENVH 5404Environmental Biological Hazards001OnlineOnlineNoEn Huang
EPID 5112EPI I001OnlineOnlineNoVictor Cardenas
EPID 5573Data Management & Programming for Epi 1Tues/Thurs5:30pm-8:30pm NoAustin Porter
EPID 6102EPI Seminar Series001TBDTBDNoW. Nembhard
EPID 6102EPI Seminar Series002TBDTBDNoVictor Cardenas
EPID 6102EPI Seminar Series003TBDTBDNoMohammed Elfaramawi
EPID 6102EPI Seminar Series004TBDTBDNoMohammed Orloff
EPID 6102EPI Seminar Series005TBDTBDNoL. J. Su
HBHE 5000Special Topics in HBHE: Issues in Tobacco Regulatory Science001Wednesday 3:00 PM - 6:00 PMDr. Margarete Kulik
HBHE 5104Health Behavior and Health Education001DistanceDistanceYesBrooke Montgomery
HBHE 5104Health Behavior and Health Education002DistanceDistanceYesBrooke Montgomery
HBHE 6120 Mixed Methods Research001Monday1:00 PM - 4:00 PMNoKeneshia Bryant
HPMT 5103 The Healthcare System101OnlineNANoClare Brown
HPMT 5103 EMBA-Walton College Students Only: Health Care Systems102OnlineNANoSteve Bowman
HPMT 5201EMBA-Walton College Students Only: Health Law102OnlineNANoKevin Ryan
HPMT 5285Health Admin Residency001OnlineNANoRick Ault
HPMT 5286Management Project001OnlineNANoRick Ault
COPH 5003Introduction to Public Health 001Onlinen/aNoIgor Koturbash
COPH 5989Applied Practice Experience 001NANANoVarious Instructors
COPH 6100 (Pass/Fail)Directed Study (Doctoral) (Pass/Fail)001TBDTBDYesVarious Instrutors
COPH 6400(Graded)Directed Study (Doctoral) (Graded)001TBDTBDYesVarious Instructors
COPH 6600Mentored Research001N/AN/ANo Cornell - 17892 & Lancaster 71440
COPH 6989Doctoral Practicum001TBDTBDYesVarious Instructors
COPH 6999Doctoral Dissertation Research001TBDTBDYesVarious Instructors
COPH 6999Doctoral Dissertation Research001TBDTBDYesVarious Instructors