June 21, 2017

Ann B. Bynum, EdD

Assistant Professor (Adjunct)


Nova Southeastern, Ed.D. Curriculum Development; Higher Ed
University of Arkansas, Fayetteville; M.Ed Health Education
University of Arkansas, Fayetteville; BS Biological Sciences

Research Interests

Telehealth: Rural Health: Medical Workforce:Health Literacy

Current Research Projects

AHEC Point of Service Cooperative Agreement/Evaluator, HRSA
Reducing Asthma Disparities Through School-based Telemedicine for Rural Children, NIH

Courses Taught

Organizational Behavior, CE

Recent Publications

Bynum CA, Irwin C, Burke B., Hadley MV, Vogel R, Evans E, Ragland D., Johnson T.,
Book Chapter Rural Schools: Academic Performance, Teaching, and Health Impact of School
Telehealth on Access to Medical Care, Clinical Outcomes, and Cost Savings Among Children
in Rural Arkansas, Progress in Education, volume 27, 2011 Nova Science Publishers 2011.

Bynum CA, Irwin C, Cohen E, Satisfaction with a Distance Continuing Education Program for
Health Professionals, Telemedicine and e-Health Journal, volume 16, NO 7,September, 2010.

Mengel, MB, , Vanatta, P, Bynum, CA, McFadin, J., Arkansas’Primary Care Crisis: An Arkansas
AHEC Program Response, Arkansas Family Physician, Volume 12, Number 1, pg 7-11.

Bynum, CA, Cranford, CO, Irwin, CA, Health Workforce Needs in Arkansas, The National Area
Health Education Centers Bulletin, Volume XXIII, Number 2, Spring/Summer, 2007.

Bynum CA, Irwin, CA, Patient Satisfaction with Mental Health Telemedicine in Rural Arkansas, Abstract,
Telemedicine Journal and e-Health, Volume 12, Number 2, April 2006, pg. 236.