June 21, 2017

Karen H. Kim Yeary, PhD

Associate Professor


1999 – BS (Nutritional Sciences), Cornell University
2003 – Ph.D. (Nutritional Sciences), Cornell University

Yeary CV updated 10.9.17

Research Interest

  • Community-based participatory research
  • Translational behavioral interventions
  • Undeserved and underrepresented populations
  • Health disparities/inequities

Current Research Projects

  1. NIH:NIMHD. “Healthy bodies, healthy souls.” Pearl Mcelfish, Principal Investigator. Karen Yeary, Co-Investigator. Project Period, to be determined (just received notice of funding). Total direct costs: $275,000.
  2. Arkansas Breast Cancer Research Program. “THRIVE (Together On The Highway To Rejoice In Health As Victors Enfolded In Strength): Test of two evidence-based programs to develop weight loss and quality of life interventions for breast cancer survivors.” Karen Yeary, Principal Investigator. Project Period, 9/01/17-8/31/18. Total costs: $247,746.
  3. University of Tennessee Health Science Center CORNET Awards. “Online vs. in-person lay health advisor training for weight loss.” Karen Yeary, Principal Investigator (multiple). Ilana Graetz, Principal Investigator (multiple). Project Period, 9/01/17-8/31/18. Total costs: $50,000.
  4. PCORI:AD-1603-34602. “Comparative effectiveness of Diabetes Prevention Programs.” Pearl Mcelfish, Principal Investigator. Karen Yeary, Co-Principal Investigator. Project Period, 3/01/17-2/28/22. Total costs: $2,099,980.40. This randomized comparative effectiveness trial will compare the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) with an adapted version of the DPP for Marshallese Islanders.
  5. NIH:NIMHD:1U01MD010644-01. “Reducing depressive symptoms among rural African Americans: REJOICE.” Karen Yeary, Principal Investigator (multiple). Tiffany Haynes, Principal Investigator (multiple). Jerome Turner and Johnny Smith (Principal Investigators of Community Subcontracts). Project Period, 1/01/16-12/31/21. Total costs: $2,144,857. A Hybrid-2 pragmatic-effectiveness implementation trial is being conducted to test the effectiveness of a culturally adapted evidence-based intervention while gathering preliminary data on the strategies necessary to support successful implementation of this intervention in rural African American
  6. NIH:NIMHD:2P20MD002329-06.“Weight loss and maintenance for rural, African American communities of faith (The WORD).” James Raczynski, Principal Investigator of the Arkansas Center for Health Disparities. Karen Yeary, Principal Investigator of the main research project within the Center. Jerome Turner, Principal Investigator of the Community Subcontract for the main research project within the Center. Project Period, 2012-2017. Total costs: $2,089,649. This randomized controlled trial will test the effectiveness of a community-based participatory, lay health advisor-delivered weight maintenance intervention for rural African American adults of faith.

Courses Taught

  • Program Planning and Evaluation
  • Faith-based Health Promotion

Recent Publications

  1. Felix H, Long C, Rowland B, Yeary KH, Mcelfish P (In Press) Physical activity and
    diabetes-related health beliefs of Marshallese adults. American Journal of Health Behavior.
  2. Yeary KH, Sobal J, Wethington E (In Press) Religion and body weight: A systematic review. Obesity Reviews.
  3. Yeary KH, Aitaoto N, Sparks K, Ritok-Lakien M*, Hudson JS, Goulden P, Bing W*, Riklon S, Rubon-Chutaro J*, Mcelfish PA (In Press) Cultural adaptation of Diabetes Self-Management Education for Marshallese residing in the U.S.: Lessons learned in curriculum development. Progress in Community Health Partnerships.
  4. Yeary KH, Kohler P, Long C, Bursac Z, Mcelfish PA (2017) Design of a randomized, controlled, comparative-effectiveness trial testing a family model of Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME) vs. standard DSME for U.S. Marshallese Islanders. Contemporary Clinical Trials Communications. 6:97-104.
  5. Turner J*, Smith J*, Ounpraseuth S, Kuo D, Harris K, Haynes T, Bryant K, Stewart MK, Sullivan G, Yeary KH£ (2017) Community building community: The distinct benefits of community partners building other communities’ capacity to conduct health research. Progress in Community Health Partnerships.11(1):81-86.
  6. Mcelfish P, Bursac Z, Goulden P, Hudson JS, Yeary KH (2016) Engagement practices that join scientific methods with community wisdom to design a patient-centered, randomized control trial with a Pacific Islander community. Nursing Inquiry. 24(2): E12141.
  7. Yeary KH, Greene P, Moore P, Dawson L, Turner J*, Bennett L (2016) Feasibility test of a community-relevant intervention designed to promote African American participation in translational, breast cancer disparities research: Know About Health Options for Women (Know HOW). Journal of Cancer Education.16:1-8.
  8. Yeary KH, Ounpraseuth S, Kuo D, Harris K, Haynes T, Bryant K, Turner J*, Smith J*, Stewart MK, Sullivan G (2016) Examining the impact of perceived personal health issues and concerns on community identified concerns in community health assessments. Journal of Public Health 38(3):502-510.