July 25, 2017

Saleema Karim, Ph.D, MBA, MHA

Assistant Professor, Department of Health Policy and Management Saleema Karim, P h D, M B A, M H A
Assistant Professor Department of Health Policy and Management


2014 – Ph.D. Health Policy and Management, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
2005 – MBA, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia
2005 – MHA, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia
2002 – BSc Kine, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotita
1994 – BSc Bioc, University of British Columbia, Vancouver British Columbia

Research Interests

Hospital Financial Management, Sustainability of Rural Hospitals, Health Economics, Signaling and Information Asymmetry

Recent Publications

Karim S., Reiter K. L., Holmes G. M., Pink G.H. The Financial Consequences of Eliminating the M.D.H Program. Under revision for resubmission.

Karim, S. A., G. M. Holmes. & G. H. Pink. (2012) The Effect of Surgery on the Profitability of Rural Hospitals. Accepted by Journal of Health Care Finance.

Tallon, J. M., Fell, B. D., Karim, S. A., Ackroyd-Stolarz, S. & Petrie, D. (2012) Phase II, Influence of a new province wide trauma system on motor vehicle trauma care and mortality at 10 years. Accepted by Canadian Journal of Surgery.

Anthony CJ, Karim S, Ackroyd-Stolarz S, Fry A, Murphy NG, Christie R, Zed PJ. (2011) Intensity of anticoagulation with warfarin and risk of adverse events in patients presenting to the emergency department. Ann Pharmacother. 2011 Jul;45(7-8):881-7. Epub 2011 Jul 12

Thibault-Halman, G. Tallon, J. M., Ackroyd-Stolarz, S., Fenerty, L., Karim, S. A., Sealy, B, & Clarke, D. B. (2011) Major Traumatic Brain Injury: Time to Tertiary Care and the Impact of a Clinical Guideline. J Trauma. 2011 May;70(5):1134-40.