The CST Tobacco and Related Diseases Working Group seeks to advance scientific knowledge on how to reduce tobacco use, tobacco exposure and tobacco-related diseases through interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research. The working group meets regularly once per month to advance scientific knowledge and bridge collaborations across UAMS and other institutions to conduct innovative and high impact research. The working group fosters a safe climate that supports risk taking, conflict resolution, and creative thinking of collaborative members to facilitate productive team science. The working group provides opportunities for:

  • Solving complex research problems through innovative research;
  • Cross-communications and learning;
  • Knowledge sharing to accomplish specific tasks;
  • Strengthening research partnerships;
  • Writing high impact scientific papers;
  • Collaborating on pilot studies and externally funded research grants; and
  • Identifying ways to translate research to improve policies, clinical and community practice, and the human condition.

Group members are encouraged to lead sub-group meetings to facilitate the accomplishment of specific research endeavors.