logoThe S-PAC Center will conduct, analyze, and disseminate rigorous research that informs the use of evidence-based public health practices within criminal justice (CJ) settings. The Center will focus its efforts and activities on the southern US, where the epidemic of mass incarceration has been particularly severe. S-PAC will work with researchers, community members, organizations, and policy makers to better understand and address public health challenges associated with CJ involvement among individuals, families, and communities.  S-PAC will also seek to change the culture of mass incarceration by assisting individuals and communities in using data to drive system-level reform.

There are 4 core areas within S-PAC:

  • Administrative
  • Education and Training
  • Research and Evaluation
  • Dissemination and Policy



The Southern Public Health and Criminal Justice Research Center (S-PAC) is committed to using community-engaged, action-oriented research and training to eradicate racial, economic and public health inequities related to criminal justice involvement.

Arkansas Incarceration Data

Incarceration rates compared to other countries Arkansas Prison Population Over Time prison and jail admissions by state rates of solitary confinement across the south