Current Projects

Reducing Revocations Challenge

This mixed-methods study is exploring the primary drivers of probation revocation in Pulaski County, Arkansas.  We have established a dataset of individuals on probation to explore correlates and predictors of probation revocation.  The dataset includes ACC data for all persons on probation in Pulaski County over a 5-year period (2015-2019).  We have also conducted qualitative interviews with both individuals on probation and with key stakeholders to better understand the perceptions of factors driving probation revocation in Pulaski County. This study is funded by Arnold Ventures.

Advancing Health Disparities Research in Aging: The Aging Research in Criminal Justice & Health (ARCH) Network

The major goal of this project is to develop the ARCH research network, and to provide technical expertise and support to researchers unfamiliar with the criminal justice system. We have developed a network of interested researchers and practitioners and are working to develop virtual networking, seminar, mentoring and other opportunities to advance to science of aging and criminal justice research. This study is funded by NIA.

Regional Expansion of treatment for Addiction in Corrections via telehealth: Project REACH

The major goal of this project is to leverage existing technology to develop a novel, integrated telemedicine based behavioral health and treatment delivery model within a rural community corrections (i.e. probation/parole) office setting.  Given the COVID-19 pandemic, our original proposal to test a telehealth counseling intervention became unfeasible.  We are now conducting qualitative interviews with probationers and community corrections staff and providers in multiple areas throughout the state to better understand the facilitators and barriers to telehealth substance use treatment in rural community corrections offices. This study is funded by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Linking High-Risk Jail Detainees to HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis: PrEP-LINK

The major goals of this research project are to qualitatively assess facilitators and barriers to PrEP uptake among high-risk jail detainees, systems and interactor levels; develop the PrEP-LINK intervention; and to conduct a pilot RCT of the PrEP-LINK intervention among high-risk individuals being released from the Pulaski County Jail.  We are currently recruiting participants for the pilot RCT via weekly zoom classes.  We have also proposed to recruit eligible participants from the Pulaski County Area Probation and Parole Office in N Little Rock. This study is funded by NIMHD.

The Arkansas Crisis Stabilization Study

The purpose of this project is to obtain and analyze both population-level administrative data and detailed person-level assessments to examine regional and individual outcomes of Crisis Stabilization Units to reduce the number of people with mental illness in county jails.  This project is a collaboration with the UAMS Psychiatric Research Institute and the Pulaski County Crisis Stabilization Unit, which is run by UAMS.  Most of the activities associated with this project occur at PRI under the direction/supervision of Melissa Zielinski. This study is funded by Arnold Ventures.