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The concentration curriculum of the Rural and Global Public Health concentration provides students with in-depth training in the public health issues that are present in populations living and working in rural areas, whether nationally or internationally. The 42-unit program, available to any student seeking an MPH degree, also includes training in core public health concepts.

All of the courses required for this concentration are available in an asynchronous “distance accessible” web-based format using Blackboard. This allows a student to enter and complete this program from home or other remote location.

Students will complete two final projects: The Applied Practice Experience (APE) preceptorship, and the Integrative Learning Experience (ILE) culminating experience. Completion of all course requirements, including the two final projects, ensures that graduates have attained the MPH core competencies and the MPH with a concentration in Rural and Global Public Health competencies.

MPH Core Program Competencies

MPH in Rural and Global Public Health Program Competencies

This program is supported by the Department of Health Behavior and Health Education.

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Biology Competency Requirement: Students are required to pass all 3 exams or successfully complete the courses prior to or within the first semester of coursework. Courses do NOT count toward the minimum 42 credit hours for the MPH degree. View more information on Public Health Biology Competency exam.

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How to Apply

Recommended Course Schedule

MPH in Rural and Global Public Health


MPS/MPH in Rural and Global Public Health

Recommended Course Schedule for MPS/MPH Dual Degree

Full-Time Enrollment Guide for Starting Fall Semester


Fall Year 1

CSPS 7333:  Program Planning and Development (3)

CSPS 7223:  Foundations of Public Service (2)

CSPS 7303:  Communication and Social (Ex) Change (3)

CSPS 7334:  Field Research in Public Service (3)

CSPS 7240:  Practicum I (2)


Spring Year 1

CSPS 7201:  Ethical and Legal Dimensions of Public Service – Online Elective (2)

CSPS 7340:  Practicum II (3)

CSPS 7115:  Professionalism in Public Service (1)

CSPS 7331:  The Theory and Practice of Global Development (3)

CSPS XXXX:  Social Change Option (see next page) (can be postponed to Year 3 Spring semester for financial aid purposes) (3)


Summer Year 1

Core 1, optional (3)

Core 2, optional (3)


Fall Year 2

COPH 5003:  Introduction to Public Health (3)

ENVH 5102:  Environmental and Occupational Health (3)

BIOS 5013:  Biostatistics I (3)

HPMT 5103:  The Health Care System (3)

HBHE 5104:  Health Behavior and Health Education (3)


Spring Year 2

EPID 5112:  Epidemiology I (3)

CSPS 7334:  Seminar in Program Evaluation (can be postponed to Year 3 Spring semester for financial aid purposes) (3)

COPH 5421:  Rural and Global Health program Evaluation and Impact Assessment (3)

6 Hours Selected from MPH Electives


Summer Year 2

*CSPS 7330:  International Public Service Project

*COPH 5989:  Applied Practice Experience


*Project must meet course requirements of both program to count in both.


Additional CSPS Core:  CSPS 7315:  Data Analysis (3)

CSPS 7323:  Leadership in Public Service (No total credits listed)

CSPS 7314:  Advocacy in Public Service (3)

CSPS 7326:  Philanthropy Leadership and Nonprofit Sector (3)


Social Change Options

Clinton School of Public Service

CSPS 7313:  Dynamics and Complexities of Social Change (3)

CSPS 7310:  Education Policy, Politics and Pedagogy (3)

CSPS 7310:  Power, Privilege and Oppression (3)


UA Little Rock Bowen School of Law

LAW 6343:  Public Service Law (3)


UA Little Rock School of Public Affairs

PADM 7331:  Problems in Public Administration Elective (3)

PADM 7345:  Urban Management and Community Change (3)


UA Little Rock School of Social Work

SOWK 7330:  Human Behavior in the Social Environment I (3) (taught through the MSW program)


UAMS College of Public Health

HPMT 5202:  Food and Nutrition Policy (3)

HPMT 5426:  Racial and Ethnic Disparities (3)

For More Information

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