Arkansas Center for Health Disparities

Welcome to the Arkansas Center for Health Disparities (ARCHD) Web Site. ARCHD is supported by the  National Institutes of Health on Minority Health and Health Disparities.

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Health Disparities

C.S.A. Spring 2018 Meeting

CSA Spring 2018 Meeting

The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services defines health disparities as “…the persistent gaps between health status of minorities and non-minorities in the United States.”  (

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines health status disparities as “…differences in health outcomes and their causes among different groups of people”. (

C.S.A. Spring 2018 Meeting

CSA Spring 2018 Meeting

Healthy People 2020 defines a health disparity as “…a particular type of health difference that is closely linked with social, economic, and/or environmental disadvantage. Health disparities adversely affect groups of people who have systematically experienced greater obstacles to health based on their racial or ethnic group; religion; socioeconomic status; gender; age; mental health; cognitive, sensory or physical disability; sexual orientation or gender identity; geographic location; or other characteristics historically linked to discrimination or exclusion.”

Important Definitions to Know

Important definitions about health disparities.