Administrative Core

The Administrative Core for ARCHD is composed of a Director’s Office and a Steering Committee, each with its own functions and responsibilities. The function of the Administrative Core is to facilitate, support, evaluate, and develop the overall activities. The Administrative Core is critical for the efficient continuation of ARCHD to ensure an appropriate level of management and coordination, and ultimately research productivity. The Director’s Office is responsible for day-to-day fiscal and administrative management of the Center and for using data provided by the ARCHD evaluator; set research priorities; and determine the allocation of the infrastructure resources as well as the development of new infrastructure to meet research and training needs. The Administrative Core will augment, not duplicate, existing administrative resources in the institutions and communities in which activities occur. Administrative core activities will serve all ARCHD investigators, students, postdoctoral fellows and new faculty; the proposed research projects; and other core resources.

Specific Aims

Aim 1: To allocate and oversee all Center resources, including providing budgetary and shared staff support.

Aim 2: To coordinate all interactions with NIMHD, UAMS grants offices, Center-wide Advisory Committees, and all other partners, and to maintain ARCHD’s website.

Aim 3: To evaluate and implement, as needed, corrective actions recommended by the Leadership Team to assure ARCHD activities are completed according to timelines.

Aim 4: To oversee the development of annual NIMHD progress report and to manage all other routine and day- to- day matters and oversee the implementation of all Center policies.

Aim 5: To evaluate the timeline, process and impact of all ARCHD activities, and implement corrective actions when appropriate;

Aim 6: To establish a Methods, Evaluation and Measurement (MEM) Team to contribute collaborative, multidisciplinary expertise related to: refining/implementing cross-projects (both Full and Pilot Research Projects), measures and methods; Core needs; the planned evaluation of all components.

Aim 7: To oversee and coordinate resource allocation of: Project Manager/Coordinator effort and MEM expertise.

Aim 8: To coordinate IDC and CEDC efforts between these cores and with both cores and research projects.

Aim 9: To ensure that ARCHD further develops into a stronger institution-state-and region-wide resource for expanding the capacity and competence of post-doctoral fellows and faculty, particular early-stage faculty, to conduct minority health and health disparities research.

Aim 10. To coordinate with existing COPH programs and ensure the offering of career enhancement activities for COPH investigators, postdoctoral fellows and junior investigators, including offering annual workshops.

Aim 11. To work with the local IBR(s) to ensure that all projects involving human subjects are in full compliance at all times with all applicable federal and local regulations and policies, and that appropriate measures and safeguards are in place and utilized for ongoing data safety and data safety monitoring.

Director’s Office

  • James M. Raczynski, Ph.D., MS,  FAHA, PD/PI (MPI), Contact
  • Carol E. Cornell, Ph.D., MA, PD/PI (MPI), Center Co-Director, Core Co-Director
  • Pebbles Fagan, Ph.D., MPH, Co-PI/Deputy Director for Research, Research Project PI
  • Elaine Prewitt, DrPH, MS, Co-PI/ Career Enhancement Deputy Director
  • Martha M. Phillips, Ph.D., MPH, MBA, EdS,  Evaluation Director and Co-Investigator
  • Ted Brasfield, ARCHD Center Administrator

Admin/Tech Support

  • Linda Luster, MS, CGM, Project Manager
  • Belinda Shelton, Program Administration
  • Nikiya Simpson, MBA, Web Designer/Database Manager

Methods, Evaluation and Measures (MEM) Team

  • Geoffrey M. Curran, Ph.D., MA, Co-PI, Implementation Science
  • Tiffany F. Haynes, Ph.D., MS, Co- PI, Mixed Methods/Common Measures
  • Martha M. Phillips, Ph.D., MPH, MBA, EdS, Co-PI, Evaluation/Data Management
  • James P. Selig, Ph.D., MAP, Co-PI, Biostatistics/Data Analysis
  • John M. Tilford, Ph.D., MA, Co-PI, Economic Measures/Analysis
  • Horace P. Spencer, MS, Statistician

Leadership Team (LT)

  • Directors Office Members
  • MEM Team
  • Amanda L. Golbeck, Ph.D., MA, MA & Brooke E. E. Montgomery, Ph.D., MPH, IDC Co-Directors
  • Mary K. Stewart, M.D., Ph.D., MPH, & Keneshia Bryant-Moore, Ph.D., RN, FNP-BC, CEDC Co-Directors
  • Pebbles Fagan, Ph.D., MPH, Research Project PI
  • Nickolas Zaller Ph.D., Research Project PI

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee has the primary responsibility for monitoring of the ARCHD plan and assures compliance with procedures. The Steering Committee is chaired by the Center MPI/Directors (Drs. Raczynski/Cornell) and includes eight committee members, in addition to the Deputy Directors (Drs. Fagan, and Prewitt) and Core Directors (Drs. Golbeck, Montgomery, Bryant-Moore and Stewart), the PIs and Co-PIs of the full research projects and the PIs of the pilot projects.

  • Dr. James Raczynski, Ph.D, MS, FAHA, Center MPI/Director, Contact
  • Dr. Carol E. Cornell, Center MPI/Co-Director
  • Alice Ammerman, Dr.PH
  • Anthony Fletcher, M.D.
  • Carol Golin, M.D.
  • Lawrence W. Green, Dr.PH, MPD
  • Ella Greene-Moton
  • Sherman James, Ph.D
  • Kola Okuyemi, M.D., MPH
  • Yolanda “Jill” Porter