Investigator Development Core

The overall goal of the IDC is to expand opportunities for COPH Early Stage Investigators (ESIs) to engage in multidisciplinary and multilevel MHHD research that examines chronic disease disparities among socially disadvantaged populations. This goal will be pursued through implementation of a pilot-studies program that provides structured mentorship while supporting the generation of preliminary data and, subsequently, dissemination of results and development of extramural grant applications. This approach will increase the ability of COPH ESIs (early stage investigators) to secure R01-level grants and to perform rigorous MHHD research that supports the ARCHD theme to reduce the risk of chronic diseases among socially disadvantaged populations.

Specific Aims

Aim 1. Adapt and implement an established application process for rigorous MHHD pilot projects that address chronic disease disparities among socially disadvantaged African American populations.

Aim 2. Provide advisory and technical-support resources for rigorous research design and appropriate statistical analyses.

Aim 3. Evaluate the process of and outcomes associated with core activities, using a realistic evaluation approach and mixed methods to gather data.

Investigator Development Core Members

  • Brooke E.E. Montgomery, Ph.D., MPH, Core Co-Director
  • Amanda L. Golbeck, Ph.D., MA, MA, Core Co-Director
  • Carol E. Cornell, Ph.D., MA, Core Co-Director