PharmD/MPH Combined Degree Program


In many communities today, pharmacists are increasingly relied on as a key point of contact for healthcare advice, prevention and treatment. The PharmD/MPH combined degree program prepares students for this expanded role as they enter the practice of pharmacy and one of the most accessible groups of healthcare professionals. Their training equips them with the competencies and skills to practice pharmacy and preventive care, but they also gain a theoretical and practical understanding that at enables them to incorporate a population-based focus into their pharmacy practice.

Graduates of this program are able to use public health science and theory to provide effective public health interventions in concert with their pharmacy practice, thus treating the individual and community. This program prepares students with a multidisciplinary perspective for work in public health agencies, pharmacy practice, healthcare organizations (public and private), government entities and the pharmaceutical industry.

The PharmD/MPH degree program exists because of a partnership between the UAMS College of Pharmacy (COP) and the UAMS Fay W. Boozman College of Public Health (COPH) and offers an accelerated, coordinated course of study. Several courses at each school satisfy requirements for both degree programs; as a result, the combined degree program saves a student time and money.

Completion of all PharmD/MPH course requirements, including the two final projects (preceptorship and culminating experience), ensures that graduates have attained the MPH core competencies and the PharmD/MPH competencies:

MPH Core Program Competencies
PharmD MPH Combined Program Competencies

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PharmD Recommended Course Schedule

Admissions Requirements

Application for admission to the PharmD/MPH program must be made separately to the PharmD program and the MPH program. Applicants must file a Declaration of Intent to Pursue a Combined Degree form with both colleges.

Information and Application Requirements for MPH Program

Biology Competency Requirement: Students are required to pass all 3 exams or successfully complete the courses prior to or within the first semester of coursework. Courses do NOT count toward the minimum 42 credit hours for the MPH degree. View more information on Public Health Biology Competency exam.

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