June 21, 2017

Holly C. Felix, PhD, MPA

Associate Professor


2005 – Ph.D. (Public Policy/ Health Policy Specialization), University of Arkansas
1990 – MPA, University of Arkansas at Little Rock
1987 – BA (Political Science), University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Research Interests

  • Access to health and long-term care services
  • Use of Community Health Workers to facilitate access to health services
  • Impact of obesity on access to and quality of health services

Current Research Projects

  • Reach Out and Connect in Northwest Arkansas, Investigator (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, McElfish PA, PI)
  • Development of Complex Care Management Model(Rx Foundation, Stewart MK, PI)
  • Comparison of effectiveness of community health workers compared to standard outreach for long-term care services on long-term care service utilization, cost and consumer satisfaction and quality of life, PI (National Institute for Minority Health Disparities through Establishing an Exploratory NCMHD Research Center of Excellence in Arkansas, National Center for Minority Health Disparities, Raczynski JM,PI)

Courses Taught

PBHL 5363 Introduction to Health Policy and Politics
PBHL 9033/HSRE 9113 Advanced Health Policy and Management
HSRE 9103 Health Systems Theory and Research


(selected out of more than 40)

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