Office of the Dean

Deans, Associate Deans, Assistant Deans

Mark Williams, Ph.D., Dean (501) 526-6600

Amanda L. Golbeck, Ph.D., M.A., M.A., Associate Dean for Academic Affairs (501) 526-6611

         Ben Amick, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Research (501) 526-4620

Joseph Bates, M.D., M.S., Associate Dean for Public Health Practice (501) 661-2882

Kevin Ryan, J.D., M.A., Associate Dean for Student and Alumni Affairs (501) 526-6673

Susan Leon, Associate Dean for Finance and Administration (501) 526-6609

Keneshia Bryant-Moore, MSN, Ph.D.Assistant Dean for Diversity Equity and Inclusion (501) 526-6698

Liz Gates, J.D., M.P.H., Assistant Dean for Planning and Policy (501) 526-6050

Finance and Administration

Ted BrasfieldSenior Finance Manager (501) 526-6671

Glenn Johnson, Administrative Analyst (501) 526-6711

Belinda Shelton, Executive Assistant to the Dean (501) 526-6600

Denise Hanna, Executive Assistant,  Office of Academic Affairs (501) 526-6622

Ashley McNatt, DrPH, Communications and Marketing, Communications Specialist  (501) 526-6664

Nikiya Simpson, M.B.A.,   Senior Information Systems Developer/Analyst, (501) 526-0360


Office of Student Affairs

B. Marie Walker, M.A., Director of Admissions and Student Relations (501) 526-6697

Kristy Caldwell, Dr.P.H, M.P.H., Director of Alumni and Recruiting  (501) 526-6605

Office of Community Based Public Health

M. Kate Stewart, M.D., M.P.H, Director  (501) 526-6625