Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Public Health


There has been a consistent demand for focused efforts that address the infrastructure and core services of public health. To address this need, the Fay W. Boozman College of Public Health has developed a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Public Health program of study. Those who work in public health but who have never had any formal public health training may have an interest in this program. The certificate is an 18 semester credit hour program and the content is the same as the core taught in the Master of Public Health graduate degree program.

Moreover, professionals with advanced degrees in related areas such as mental and emotional well-being, family and relationship skills, human growth and development, nutrition, kinesiology, substance abuse prevention, diseases and disorders, safety and injury prevention, community and environment health, consumer health as well as medicine and nursing may also be interested in this program for the purpose of enhancing their professional knowledge of key public health concepts.

Completion of all course requirements ensures that graduates have acquired the MPH core competencies:

Public Health Certificate Program Competencies

Admission Requirements

Applicants must possess the minimum of a US baccalaureate degree equivalent to be considered for admission. Applicants who anticipate completion of their undergraduate degree soon after the admissions deadline may apply for conditional admission. If granted conditional admission, a final transcript from the student’s baccalaureate institution must be received by the Office of Student Affairs prior to the date of registration of the admitted semester.

How to Apply


Biology Competency Requirement: Students are required to pass all 3 exams or successfully complete the courses prior to or within the first semester of coursework. Courses do NOT count toward the minimum 18 credit hours for the Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Public Health. View more information on Public Health Biology Competency exam.

Biology Competency courses

PBHL 5011 Biology for Public Health: Infectious Disease
PBHL 5211 Biology for Public Health: Chronic Disease
PBHL 5311 Biology for Public Health: Current Issues

The Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Public Health requires eighteen (18) semester credit hours. The 6 core courses  include a general overview of public health as well as an introductory course in each of the 5 core public health disciplines. These courses comprise the entire curriculum, and also serve as the required 18 semester credit hour core for all MPH students.

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Recommended Course Schedule for Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Public Health

Full-Time Enrollment Guide for Students Starting Fall Semester

Fall Year 1

COPH 5003: Introduction to Public Health (3)
HPMT 5103: The Health Care System (3)
ENVH 5102: Environmental and Occupational Health (3)

Spring Year 1

BIOS 5013: Biostatistics I (3)
EPID 5112: Epidemiology I (3)
HBHE 5104: Health Behavior and Health Education (3)

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