Office of Planning and Policy


The Office of Planning and Policy (OPP) is responsible for the development and oversight of major initiatives, collaborations, and partnerships. The OPP ensures compliance as an accredited school of public health and as part of the university and system’s academic enterprise. The OPP manages the College’s strategic plan, the involvement in the university-wide strategic plan, and the progress towards defined goals in the respective plans. The OPP is responsible for the COPH institutional research and effectiveness process and activities. The OPP works closely with the UAMS Institutional Research, Policy, and Accreditation department to ensure compliance with university and system policies, processes, and as part of the academic enterprise.

What We Do

  • Ensure maintenance of CEPH accreditation
  • Conduct Institutional Research and Effectiveness efforts for the College
  • Prepare and publish reports to internal and external stakeholders
  • Manage COPH Governance, policies, and procedures
  • Maintain Policy Libary and Document Archive
  • Manage strategic planning and major initiatives

Project Supported

  • COPH Website
  • PHACS (Public Health in Arkansas Communities Search)
  • CATS (Competency and Assessment Tracking System)
  • Policy Library and Document Archive

Faculty and Staff

Liz Gates, JD, MPH

Assistant Dean for Planning and Policy

Nikiya Simpson

Senior Analyst/Developer