MPH Epidemiology Program Competencies

  • Analyze epidemiologic data by choosing, calculating and interpreting appropriate basic epidemiologic measures.
  • Apply epidemiologic findings in the discussion of scientific, ethical, economic, and political discussions of health issues.
  • Design and evaluate public health screening programs and screening tests using standard measures.
  • Identify and describe public health problems and outcomes, using current knowledge of determinants and causes of disease and health outcomes to guide epidemiology practice.
  • Identify and use appropriate study designs and data collection methods to answer specific epidemiologic questions.
  • Incorporate basic ethical and legal principles into the design, implementation, analysis, and dissemination of findings from epidemiologic investigations.
  • Monitor the occurrence of health outcomes, organizing data from surveillance, investigations and other sources, and use those data to support the evaluation of the effectiveness of public health programs.
  • Prepare written and oral reports and presentations for lay, professional, and scientific audiences that communicate necessary epidemiologic information.
  • Use statistical software and other informatics tools in support of epidemiologic practice and research.