Door-to-Door Campaigning: Promoting Comprehensive COVID-19 Prevention and Protection

Door-to-door campaigns are direct marketing strategies that have been used for many years by political parties to identify supporters, persuade the undecided, and increase voters.  This effective strategy can help coalition members make personal contact with people in our target communities achieve two major goals:

  1. Spread accurate and trustworthy information about the importance of comprehensive COVID-19 prevention and protection
  2. Reach community members with a personal message.

If your door-to-door campaign will target Blacks/African Americans, Latinos/Hispanics, Pacific Islanders, or rural populations, please contact us!  Download our free manual that provides helpful information on how to conduct a door-to-door campaign.

The Coalition will provide a free toolkit to help you implement the door-to-door campaign. The toolkit will include items such as door hangers with key messages, fact sheets, masks, hand sanitizer, t-shirts, pens, clipboards, name tags, and other helpful items to support your local door-to-door campaign.  To order a door-to-door campaign toolkit, please complete and submit this form.

CEAL Coalition Door to Door Campaign Form

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