Delta Omega-Honorary Society in Public Health

The Delta Omega Society is the honorary society for graduate studies in public health. Delta Omega was established in 1924 at Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health (now the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health) as an honorary society to encourage and recognize excellence in practice, research, education, and academic achievement in the field of public health. There are more than 13,000 members of Delta Omega in 70 chapters throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. A National Executive Council, consisting of elected officers and delegates from the local chapters, administers the affairs of Delta Omega. The Society is governed by a constitution and set of bylaws.

The Beta Delta Chapter of Delta Omega was established at the Fay W. Boozman College of Public Health in 2005.

Members are selected from each of four groups: public health graduate students, faculty members at the College, alumni of the College who are actively engaged in public health work, and honorary members who possess exceptional qualifications. Election from all three groups is based on outstanding performance: scholarship in students, teaching and research in faculty members, and community service in alumni. Each candidate must also meet membership criteria as set forth in the constitution and bylaws. The Society accepts only students meeting high academic standards. All candidates must also demonstrate a potential for making significant contributions to the field of public health.

For information about the Delta Omega Society, Beta Delta Chapter,  email Amanda Philyaw Perez at


Brian Delavan, MPH- President
Kristy Caldwell, DrPH, MPH – Secretary


The Delta Omega Beta Delta Chapter selects Fay W. Boozman College of Public Health students, faculty and alumni for membership each year.  Only students in the top 25 percent of the graduating class are eligible for membership. Faculty and alumni are nominated by other Delta Omega Beta Delta Chapter members for membership. The Delta Omega Beta Delta Chapter Nomination Committee reviews all nominations and selects individuals whose practice, research, education, and academic achievement in the field of public health would serve as a model for future graduates of the College.

Members of the Beta Delta Chapter of Delta Omega (by Induction Year)


Paula Roberson, Faculty
Katy Allison, Student
Meghan Catherine Ayers, Student
Clare Brown, Student
Lindsey Clark, Student
Nakita Lovelady, Student
Ashley McNatt, Student
Earl Morris IV, Student
Caroline Parham, Student
Callie Parks, Student
Camilee Richoux, Student
Christine Rutlen, Student
Jared Stone, Student
Susan Thapa, Student


Brandi Roberts, Alumni
Saleema Karim, Faculty
Mohammed ELFaramawi, Faculty
Jonathan Aram, Student
Grant Cagle, Student
Payton Clyburn, Student
Alisha Crump, Student
Jheanelle Dawkins, Student
AjaNia Hearne, Student
Halie Moreno, Student
Dipali Patel, Student
Nancy Purnell, Student
Michael Scott, Student
Samuel Siegel, Student
Memory Waddle, Student


Melissa Clemens Student
Chase Cooper Student
Marisha DiCarlo Alumni
Alesia Ferguston, Faculty
Lori Fischbach, Faculty
Afsheen Hasan, Student
Cole Pace, Student
Kevin W. Ryan, Honorary
Shelbie Stahr, Student
Catherine Williams, Alumni


Brian Delavan, Student
Molly Miller, Student
Breanna Harris, Student
Katherine Leath, Student
Elana Magrans, Student
Jeanne Rabalais, Student


Dr. Joycelyn Elders, Honorary
Syed Ashad Abid, Student
Stewart L. Clark, Student
Amanda Nichole Lemp, Student
Bryan Reid Mader, Student
Jacob Andrew Robinson, Student
Tam Dac Vuong, Student


Dr. Eric Johnson, Faculty
Dr. William Mason, Alumni
Mahreen Arshad, Student
Heather Johnston, Student
Michael McCarthy, Student
Etienne Nzarbarushimana, Student

Karolina Cichon, Student
Ashley Bachelder, Student
Jennifer Onukwube, Student
Austin Porter, Alumni
Sara Norman Ashby, Alumni
Holly Felix, Faculty

Kristina Bondurant, Student
Joshua Callaway, Student
Melanie Goodell, Alumni
Micheal Knox, Alumni
Randy Lee, Student
Valerie Lumpkins, Student
Daniel Rahn, Honorary
Delia Smith-West, Faculty

Joel Adams, Student
Kenya Eddings, Alumni
Victoria Evan, Alumni
Jessica Hersh, Student
Martha Phillips, Faculty
G. Richard Smith, Honorary
Anna Strong, Student
Susan Weinstein, Student

Emily English, Student
Paul Haverson, Faculty
Abby Holt, Alumni
ShaRhonda Love, Alumni
Robert “Gregg” Reep, Honorary
Jan Richter, Faculty
Woodrow Rigdon, Student
Chara Stewart, Alumni
Terri Wooten, Student

Jay Gandy, Faculty
Richard Hughes, IV, Student
Tionna Jenkins, Alumni
Glen Mays, Faculty
Megan Tomlinson, Student
Michelle Treviño, Student
Chancellor I. Dodd Wilson, Honorary

Iram Bakhtawar, Alumni
Kristy Jones-Williams, Student
Natalie Lueders, Student
Sarah Alexandra Marshall, Student
Amanda Philyaw Perez, Alumni
Jennifer Shaw, Student
Joseph Thompson, Honorary
John Wayne, Faculty
D. Keith Williams, Faculty

Joseph Bates, Faculty
Herschel Cleveland, Honorary
S. Diane Colley, Alumni
Diane Heestand, Student
Brooke Montgomery, Student
Mary Ryan, Alumni
M. Kathryn Stewart, Faculty

Jay Bradford, Honorary
Mike Huckabee, Honorary
Suzanne McCarthy, Student
Sarita Prajapati, Student
James Raczynski, Faculty