Registration Requirements

Before you register

If you are in the MPH program, the Advisor Confirmation Form – PDF (57 KB) must be completed and turned in to the Office of Student Services by the completion of 9 credit hours.

Students are required to take the Biology competency exam prior to registering for courses beyond the first semester of study. The exam is made up of three (3) modules – Infectious Disease, Chronic Disease, and Current Topics in Public Health – with each module containing approximately 30 multiple choice questions.  To pass a module, the student must score ≥75% on the exam. There is no fee for taking the exam. Students who do not pass one or more of modules will need to enroll into the corresponding course (there are three – 1 hour courses, one for each of the modules) for the next semester. You must EITHER pass the proficiency exam or the online course for all three parts of public health biology content to graduate from the College. Students requesting to register for Preceptorship or Culminating Experience hours will NOT be registered without satisfying this requirement.

See the Academic Calendar for testing dates.


The Arkansas State Health Department by law requires that all students enrolled in the University of Arkansas System present documentation of receiving a Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) vaccination and UAMS requires all students to receive a  TB Skin Test.  Therefore, all NEW COPH students are required to provide documentation of proof of a TB Skin Test BEFORE  ARRIVAL ON CAMPUS.  All   students, admitted to and enrolled in the Fay W. Boozman College of Public Health are required to provide documentation of an MMR vaccination.  New students must submit these records  BEFORE ARRIVAL ON CAMPUS.

If you have not received your MMR or TB skin test, these vaccinations may be provided to you for a small fee at the UAMS Student and Employee Health Services (SEHS).  If you choose to get the MMR and TB vaccinations outside of the SEHS you are to provide the Family Medical Center’s Employee Health/Student Preventive Health Services with a copy of the immunization record and/or you may fax the immunization record to the attention of Ms. Regina Gant at 501-296-1230 30 DAYS PRIOR TO FIRST DAY OF CLASSES .

Should you choose to receive these vaccinations though UAMS for a small fee, the SEHS has two locations for your convenience.  The main clinic is located on the ground floor of the Central Building, room G-605, across from Human Resources, off the corridor leading to the parking deck (Parking 2).  This clinic is open 7:00am – 3:30pm, Monday through Friday.

The second location is in the Family Medical Center at 6th and Jack Stephens streets, across from the Jones Eye Institute.  SEHS has a separate entrance off of the parking lot.  The clinic is open 8:00am -4:30pm, Monday through Friday.  Both locations are closed on holidays.

An appointment is not necessary at either clinic.  If you have questions you may call 501-686-6565 regarding their services.  REMEMBER:  This must be completed  30 DAYS PRIOR TO FIRST DAY OF CLASSES. 

OTHER IMMUNIZATIONS REQUIRED:  FLU SHOT VACCINATIONS.  UAMS requires all students enrolled in the UAMS system to get a seasonal flu shot vaccination.  THIS IMMUNIZATION IS ONLY REQUIRED DURING FLU SEASON.  We will let you know later on  in the Fall semester when to take your flu shot.

Pre-Enrollment Medical Examination

UAMS requires all new students to complete a pre-enrollment medical examination before arrival on campus.   Not completing and submitting this form will result in your registration being incomplete. The examination form must be turned in 30 DAYS PRIOR TO THE FIRST DAY OF CLASSES.

New Student Pre-Enrollment Medical Examination Form

Health Insurance Coverage

All COPH students (part-time and full-time) are required to provide proof of health insurance coverage.  Students will be required to submit verification of their insurance.  Student Activities and Housing will notify students by email with verification instructions.  Health insurance plans must meet minimum coverage requirements found at Student Health Insurance Policy.  Students are encouraged to confirm their coverage under their existing plan of insurance prior to registration or if they do not have any existing insurance, obtain such coverage.  A student Academic Health plan is available at Student Health Insurance. 

HIPAA Training

All NEW students must complete HIPAA training prior to the first day of class.  The Office of Student Services MUST receive your HIPAA certificate before your registration is complete.

Access HIPAA Online Training

Student Confidentiality Agreement

The COPH requires ALL students to use his/her UAMS email account for all official notices.  In order to activate your email account, you must submit the Student Confidentiality Agreement form. Once you receive your login information please visit the student portal is  Login and click on the TO DO button and then click on the ‘Click Here’ button found under the UAMS Confidentiality agreement.  Please note that if you do not complete this form, it could result in you missing very important information from the College.  We will NOT use an email account other than your UAMS email account after August 20, 2012.

Student Handbook Acknowledgment

All NEW students must complete the Handbook Acknowledgement form — PDF (12 KB)  prior to the first day of class.  Please make sure you actually read the Handbook before signing the form.  You are responsible for all the rules and regulations in it.  Please visit  COPH Catalog and Handbook to read this important information.

Student Handbook Agreement Form – PDF (12 KB)

Honor Code Acknowledgment

All NEW students must complete the Honor Code Acknowledgement form prior to the first day of class.  Once again, please make sure you read the Honor Code before signing the form.  You are responsible for all the information in it, too.  Please visit COPH Catalog and Handbook to read this important information.

Honor Code Agreement Form – PDF (11 KB)

Release of Student Information Authorization Form

All NEW students must complete the Release of Student Information Authorization Form. Once you receive your login information please visit the student portal at  to login.  Once you login please click on the TO DO button to complete the Arkansas State Legislative Branch Research Form (Release of Student Information  Authorization form.)  Please click on the ‘click here’ button to complete.  You will submit this once you receive your login information.