MPH Health Policy and Management Program Competencies

  • Conduct financial analyses, including reading and analyzing financial statements.
  • Conduct economic analyses to inform public health management decision-making.
  • Perform strategic analysis and planning for public health care organizations.
  • Apply management problem-solving skills to improve functioning of organizations and agencies in health systems.
  • Evaluate the efficiency of public policies using economic concepts
  • Assess statistical findings and empirical literature to enhance policy design and implementation
  • Synthesize the research literature, assessing strengths and weaknesses of published findings, to guide evidence-informed policymaking
  • Assess how well different governance arrangements and policy designs result in a health care system that is responsive to differences in health needs among subsets of the population
  • Prepare health policy briefings suitable for the range of policy stakeholders involved with the formulation and implementation of a health policy under consideration by decision makers